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I am so grateful to you for listening and supporting the Empowered Spirit Show.

It’s been a fabulous year with a variety of amazing guests.

I’m always surprised by the numbers and the reach this podcast receives.

It’s all around the world. I can claim International status for The Empowered Spirit Show!

I am super grateful for the local sponsors of the show starting with Forecast Salon in Homewood and including Ritual + Shelter and The Oha Bodyworks & Wellness for having me at events and supporting this work.

Thank you all!

Instead of an episode this week, as we are all on vacation with some downtime, I have pulled out the top 11 episodes to close the year. Thank you to each of my guests for being a part of this show.

  1. Sacred Medicine with Dr. Lissa Rankin
  2. Advanced Chakra Healing with Cyndi Dale
  3. Hearing the Angels Sing with Peter Sterling
  4. Messages from the Akashic Realm – 
  5. Energy to Heal with Lauren Walker
  6. The Healing Power of Words with Salem Green
  7. Spirit Animals with Dr. Steve Farmer
  8. Entering the Mind with C Von Hassett and Rachael Reiki Wilkie
  9. See Jane Write with Jamaica Harris Bowser
  10. Past Lives with Shelly Kaehr
  11. Trick or Treat with Tina Conroy

Each of these episodes is a favorite to me… actually, they all are!  They reflect wisdom of the Soul for growth and healing. They bring in the Healing Arts in a way that inspires the Spirit to move through the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual traumas we all go through.

Every day is a day to embody the energy of who you are.

To slow down to process your energy. 

To allow for the wisdom of your soul to guide you to your dreams.

From the deepest part of my heart… something I am learning to embody this year… sending lots of love, light, joy, and peace to your heart.

 Talk to you in 2023!

Happy holidays

To your spirit!


PS… Not too late to join the Energy Mastery Sanctuary.  The Radiant Light Challenge begins on 1/1 2023.

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December 31, 2022


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