Working with Terri has helped me to find myself. I don’t have to rely on others to “fix” me. I have it within me to help myself. I can now “sort out my energy” from the rest of the world.

Reiki Will Help You To Open Up To Your Highest Potential. You Are Your Purpose.

— Summer Lee

My life has changed dramatically. I have a new job. A promotion.
I have a new marriage. A new stepson. I’m so happy to have put these tools to good use for myself!

— Andi Carroll

With the Empowered Spirit Program, I gained the confidence to move forward on my new path as a Reiki Master!

— Debbie Koshe

I came to Terri totally depleted. I have three children and a high maintenance husband that suffers with addiction. I had lost my ability to care for myself. Terri taught me how to use the Reiki energy to reconnect to myself and to the spirit of the universe. She encouraged me to start a daily meditation practice and gave me the tools to do so while also checking in with me each week to discuss how it was going. Without her encouragement I would have given up some days. After working with her for 90 days I felt so good that I recommitted for another 90 days. We are contributing to work on my mental and emotional balance, to use the reiki energy everyday and really live in the energy. She continues to check in on me and it always amazes me that the timing of our conversations are never a coincidence but seem to be just what I need at that moment. I intend to commit to another 90 days when this session is up because I know there is more to be unraveled and I am continuing to heal from years of neglecting myself. Terri has been such a blessing in my life and I am so very thankful for her friendship.

— Jennifer D., Birmingham AL

I met with Terri at a point when I was feeling a bit off balance. Every time I met with her, the business and whatever stress was going on in my day seemed to melt away and I had peace. She taught me ways to cultivate this peace on my own and reminded me to use these techniques on a consistent basis to have balance. I am so thankful for Terri, her knowledge, her no BS attitude, her creativity, her intuition, and her heart.

Thank you for everything. Things are very busy again and as I write this I am reminded to practice my reiki and meditation. I still would like to do the Spiritual academy in the future. Now more than ever. 

— Elizabeth Scruggs

 The guidance and confidence I have received from Terri has allowed me to truly live my passion and dream. I am living a life that I only dreamed of!

— Tina Conroy RMT
 Director Energy Healing: Northwell Health, NY

Her Compassion, Support and tough love helped heal wounds and shed light on dark places in my life.

— Rev. Jennifer Kiselyak Ellwood, M.A., RMT

Had the best time tapping — just let all the tightness of concerns roll out as they showed up, feel like I’m making this process mine, and what a gift it is!

— Barb S. Artist/Healer/Poet - Seacliff, NY

I found Terri at a time I was feeling sad and lost in both marriage in cancer recovery. The gifts I received have only now presented themselves. With strategies for daily meditations and support with my yoga practice, Terri offered gentle kindness and compassion with direct and honest feedback. She helped me to reconnect with my inner strength and supported me in manifesting my dreams. I entered fearful and doubtful and transitioned peaceful and trusting. Many opportunities presented themselves in the face of my openness and self-belief. I thank Terri for helping me to clear the path toward my continued spiritual growth.

— Lorri Hanna, MA, CTRS, LPC- Licensed Professional Counselor – Yoga Dance/Shake Your Soul® Instructor

Terri provided a gentle, safe container for my explorations into the spirit realm: The sessions offered me valuable 1-1 guidance in meditation, reiki and an understanding of many of the tools available to harness energy for self-healing and clarity of mind. I feel equipped with powerful tools to help me navigate my own life through whatever may come into my path, and proof I can challenge my critical mind to accept new experiences and ways of looking at the world. 

— Michelle H - Bham, AL

I am grateful that I invested the time, energy and funds that I did to spending time with Terri. I now possess tools and skills that will help me throughout my life and that I can pass along to my daughters and friends. Her help was truly a gift that will keep on giving.

— Karen Rankin
Professional Test Kitchen Chef and Recipe Developer for Oxmoor House Press

Although the work is tough, I am so glad I took this step. I feel like a have a clearer understanding of myself and the tools I need to continue my personal and spiritual growth. Thanks for guiding me through it Terri!

— P. Cumbee, RN

The mentoring time I spent with Terri was very special and helpful to me in many ways. She helped me understand the importance of having a consistent meditation and journaling practice. In addition, she provided me with several techniques to protect my energy especially in relationships. I really liked the time we spent together and was able to take away several valuable tools that I have incorporated into my life. I highly recommend working with Terri as a mentor for spiritual development.

— Lisa Crymes

The thing I liked best about this program was: The variety of practices for tapping into energy and how to blend them together for practice. I appreciated the work on Reiki. I feel that my practice is back on track. I also liked the visualizations but I am still working to integrate that part of the energy into my life and practice. I also appreciated our discussions about the business aspects of the work. That has helped me think more about my work and how to move forward with building a business and finding clients.

— Millie Jackson
Gentle Warrior Yoga and Health

Right before I started this program, I went through several years in an unhealthy relationship and ultimately a bad divorce. I was experiencing emotional pain, physical pain, and questioning my spirituality…wanting to explore more into that world to feel a sense of security again. Meeting Terri and eventually starting the empowered spirit program helped me do just that…I found my spirituality again and found a way to ground my energy so that I feel secure in my own thoughts and feelings. Now I am more confident and better about intuitively sensing other people’s energy and knowing how to block it so that I am not taking on someone else’s energy. I haven’t had any physical pain issues since I started the program either! I can say that this program was truly life changing in so many ways!!

— Andrea N.

"Terri embodies the Light Extraordinaire. 
In her presence, I sense the light of the beyond makings its way into my heart and soul. Then-I actually feel like I can breathe the divine light into me. At that moment, I can kick off my hiking boots (you know, the ones we use to get through life), and just "be". 

In the world, Terri is multi-talented. I'll give you a short list: intuitive coach, energy healer, tarot reader, jewelry maker, crystal keeper, oracle, Reiki master, Akashic Record reader, spiritual coach, teacher, interviewer ... 

Terri is spirit. She assists you with lighting your light and empowering your path forward." 

—  Cyndi Dale
 Author - Intuitive - Healer