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by Terri ann heiman

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Have you ever stopped to consider your habits and daily routines?  Good or bad, we all have them. Habits can become monotonous and repetitive, making them difficult to break. The brain is wired to reinforce habits, making it challenging to change and create new ones. Changing habits requires consistent effort and perseverance, as well as […]

What’s in your Mojo Bag?

Confession #223 I see Dead People Ever wonder if dead people are really sending us messages? I know, it can be spooky. I must confess, I’ve had my own “hair-raising” moments. Like one time, I was invited to a mediumship circle. One of my Reiki students had asked me to join their group. I accepted […]

The center of the Medicine Wheel is where you go to send your prayers to Creator

Confession #217 I confess – I had no idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway. It all started with one rock and a lot of tears. And then it was rock, after rock, after rock, and after rock. I started placing these rocks on the earth. I had a realization that gathering […]

Finding Confidence to move through transitions.

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