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Happy Full Moon!

As this podcast goes to air, it’s a brand new year!

Exciting.. inspiring… or more of the same? How is it for you?

As we move into this new year, we are in Mercury retrograde and Mars retrograde, allowing your the time to slow down and pull your energy in to access your dreams and visions for the year ahead.

We are in the sun sign of Capricorn which is an earth element allowing your to embody the energy of where you are right now on  your path. Capricorn brings discipline back especially after the holiday energy… partying shopping eating.. you know what I mean! 

We have a New Moon in Cancer today.. which you might feel the emotional energy especially if you are trying to push into the new year.  It really isn’t a time to begin the new projects,  new offerings, rather a time to reflect on what you do, what you offer to the world and where you want to shift your path.

This will be a year of getting out of your comfort zone and breaking free of your old fears… which is even more  important this year than ever before. You may not be able to change the past, but you can change the story and how you approach your path for 2023.

We are vibrating to a higher frequency, more refined and aware.

Everything in life and on your path has meaning. We all come into this lifetime with a purpose.  

And even if you cannot see the invisible threads of creation connecting it all, trust that all the threads are weaving this fabric of life together for you in wholeness.

As we start this year, I like to talk about the year ahead.  What I would like to offer today is a meditation for this New Year with a projection of energy as seen through the Empowered Spirit Tarot… choosing a card for each month as we look at the energy of the year.

It is important to find ways to tend to the struggles of life with the RITES for your everyday life. They can offer you  inspiration, amusement and joy. Rites being Reiki.. Intuition.. Tarot.. EFT and Stones and crystals.

All these cosmic forces and energy alignments, I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week which you can find live on Sunday nights on Instagram and FB. 

As we move through these comic transitions, now is the time to clean up your energy with an Akashic Soul Reading.  Schedule one… in person or online. When you work with the energy body, it helps to release the old patterns and all that old stuff you carry around.

For when you start going within and connecting to your soul and your spirit, you will find your answers.

I am opening up just a couple of spots for my private mentoring this winter..   Empowered Spirit Private Mentoring Program.

Schedule a Monetize your Energy Call call with me and let’s talk about how my programs can help you.

2023 is a 7 year … if you look at the numbers. 2+2+0+3 = 7 – A vibration of spiritual momentum and spiritual  abundance. Taking all the spiritual lessons of this past year… and now moving it forward.

As we see in the Tarot seven is spiritual and mysterious.  7s hold passion and the energy to find the truth, understand dreams, and understand your spirit  and a human being’s need for purpose. 

We see this in the Chariot..Victory in finding your spiritual path..This has given the number 7 the reputation of being a ‘lucky number.’

The Angel number 7 brings in the vibration of realizing that YOU are the creative force behind all things (including luck), and becoming confident in yourself so that you do not need anyone else’s approval or support in order to succeed in life (or anything else for that matter).

The Chinese New Year seems to be a little early this year starting on Jan 22 bringing in the year of the Water Rabbit. The date of the Chinese New Year is determined by the lunar calendar. The holiday falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice on December 21.

The Year of the Rabbit, is very different the the Year of the Tiger of 2022. The Rabbit  embodies yin, the passive principle of the universe, which manifests in relaxation, fluidity, quietness and contemplation.

2022 did feel fast, it was a hard and busy year.

2023 will offer opportunities for contemplation, rest and nurturing of body and soul in an attempt to provide balance under the basic concept of yin and yang

The rabbit energy is gentle, quiet, tame, tender and kind, yet it moves quickly and is very clever. Without taking downtime for you, it can get into fear .. all the more reason to take time for you… create your spiritual practice.. daily!  Find that confidence and strength within you!The quality of yin is receptive, accepting and intuitive.

Perhaps the most significant astrological shift taking place this year is that Pluto, from listening to my astrologers.. like Mandi Rae… planet of death and rebirth, will be moving into revolutionary Aquarius for the first time in 225 years. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius the world shifted in several critical ways like the  French Revolution, the American war of independence, the rise of classical music and the development of the first theory of black holes.

The best, and only, way to make use of these severances is to willingly let go of old beliefs and surrender to the belief that what’s in store is better than before.

We are vibrating to a higher frequency, more refined and aware.

I think this is thrilling and it’s right on time.

Slowing down, taking time for self care is the greatest gift you can offer humanity right now which can lead you to a greater sense of who you are and your purpose at this time.

As I teach in the Medicine Wheel, Winter is about dream time, going within to access the visions coming forward. It’s about the energy of our ancestors and what they teach us. Many times their messages may seem outdated but the essence of what they speak to us about can be updated with your knowledge of where we are in the present time. 

It a time to “hibernate” and slow down. It ‘s a time for introspection. When we walk in the North we are in the womb of Mother Earth and into the open air. Air is the element associated with this direction and season. We take the time to rest, to look within ourself, to breathe deeply, and tune into our Spiritual self.  Embodying this energy will ensure a strong foundation for what is to come.

Take a moment and slow down as you allow yourself to be guided through the mediation with the Empowered Spirit, puling a card for each month.

2023 has a lot of promise, luck and yin energy to the year.

Yes, there will be ups and downs and lots of unexpected energy.

As the cards showed, it is a time to pay attention to your mind, release the limiting beliefs that have been ruling your life. Find time for your spirit, be creative, think outside the box, and step forward in a new way. 

Adapt a new mindset!

Show up for yourself!

May every great new day bring you sweet surprises.

May this year be even better than last year.

May 2023 be filled with lots of joy, happiness, abundance and peace.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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January 7, 2023


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