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As this podcast goes to air, we are moving into the last full moon of winter. This full moon in Virgo is all about going deep within your Spirit.  It’s a time to heal before we come out for Spring. It’s a time to sit with your pain, trauma, and heartache and give yourself love and compassion.

Virgo is the sign of the goddess. This archetype carries many gifts, but the most important one is the power to heal.

This Full Moon comes after the long journey of these past two years.

It may bring up many emotions that were not processed at the time they were first felt. Now is the opportunity to sit with these feelings and know that you don’t have to be perfect. Life doesn’t need to be perfect, and, most importantly, you don’t need to make the perfect decision every time. You don’t need to regret past decisions or make yourself suffer because of things you could not possibly have known.

Over this next week and into the Full Moon, notice where you have been expecting too much of yourself. Where have you forgotten to trust life? Where have you put too much power in your own hands and therefore blamed yourself when things did not go your way?

Spring is around the corner.. the more space you clear out.. the more space you will have to manifest.

Knowing  your energy … your truth … your voice.. your Spirit …is so valuable at this time. And that’s where the RITES come in to help you move through all this stuff!

Rites being Reiki.. intuition.. tarot.. eft and stones and crystals.

The Radiant Light Challenge – A 21 Day Challenge to get your RADIANCE back in  21 mins a day!

Schedule a Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough call with me and let’s talk about how my programs can help you.

Finding way to tend to the struggles of your life  with these tools your everyday can add inspiration and amusement, and joy.

In today’s episode, I speak with Dr. Steven Farmer who has been collaborating on a new book, Animals: Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals.

In it, personal tales are shared of spirit animals appearing in real life, in dreams, or symbolically, to share their mystical yet practical medicine. In this episode we talk about spirit animals, spirit guides, spirit totem.. the differences and how these Spirit Animals can guard, aid, heal, and guide you in the most unexpected and delightful ways

Dr. Steven Farmer is a best-selling author, licensed psychotherapist, shamanic healer, somatic therapist, ordained minister, and former college professor. His extensive experience in the fields of psychotherapy and shamanic therapy allows him to provide his clients with a comprehensive and highly individualized counseling experience. 

Dr. Farmer’s unique approach was created over the course of many years of intensive study and practice. His status as a spiritual leader and psychospiritual healer is the result of his in-depth studies of spiritual transformation, trauma recovery, shamanism, hypnotherapy, breathwork, and energy psychology. Dr. Farmer’s practices are grounded in many years of collegiate studies, culminating in the form of three degrees, including a B.A. in psychology from University of California, an M.A. in counseling psychology from Chapman University, and a Ph.D. from Madison University. 

On top of his degrees, Dr. Steven Farmer is a licensed psychotherapist, an ordained minister in the Circle of Sacred Earth Church, and shamanic practitioner. 

Dr. Farmer has a copious amount of best-selling published works, including Healing Ancestral Karma, Animal Spirit Guides, Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, Earth Magic®, Earth Magic® Oracle Cards, Sacred Ceremony, Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, and Children’s Spirit Animal Stories CD Volumes I & II. 

In addition to his literary work, Dr. Farmer hosts workshops on topics related to animal spirit guides, Soul Healing, shamanism, and Earth-centered spirituality. His dynamic and entertaining teaching style helps fully engage participants as they embark on their spiritual healing journey. For those who want a more personal interaction, he also offers private consultations in-person or online, for shamanic and psychospiritual healing, as well as a Spiritual Mentorship and Life Coaching program.

Outside of work, Dr. Farmer enjoys hobbies such as singing, songwriting, camping, hiking, and skiing. He resides in Dana Point, California with his wife, Jesseca and stepchildren, Serena and Arianna.

Website. Instagram. Facebook. Book.

Yes.. it is time to tune in to the messages all around especially when they show up in an unusual ways or repeatedly over a short period of time.. 

Creator.. Spirit  is tagging you and sending you this being. Your energies will meet and express the energy with the consciousness of the spirit animal.

Spirit animals can offer you guidance and protection.

They can empower you to be present to the messages around.

They reminds you how to stay tuned in.

And as Dr. Farmer says, “When aligned with the higher power, you can’t go wrong.”

Check out Dr. Farmer’s work, his books and his oracle cards.  We can all use a little guidance right now.

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Thanks again for listening.

To your spirit,


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March 12, 2022


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