THE radiant Light method

A Method that helps you to Develop a daily Spiritual Practice that you will come back to over and over again!

The 21-Day Radiant Light Method will help you get back your radiance .

You will build your practice as you reach the milestones to getting back your radiance so that you can shine your light and be brilliant in your day.  

Throughout these 21 days, through guided rituals, you will begin to feel grounded and focused, find your strength by regaining your boundaries, raise you energy levels as you raise your frequency and feel connected to your Spirit so that you can Radiate your Light .... all in only 21 minutes a day.

"I'm a wreck."
"I spend all my time helping everyone else."
"I'm always drained of energy."
"I've lost my spiritual practice."
"I never have enough time."
"I don't even trust my intuition anymore."
"I have all these energy tools, certifications but I haven't even used them in months. I don't know where to start."

Real statement from real clients.   

Does any of this sound like you?
If you said yes to any of the above statements, perhaps it's time to  jumpstart your spiritual practice.

Yes.. its been several hard years. The pandemic changed just about everything. It is easy to lose the very things that make us feel better. We replace these with habits and vices and distractions.

Even when we know better!   
Sometimes we lose track of the good habits in our life... especially with our Spiritual Practice.
You are probably empathic in your nature and that is wreaking havoc on your life, too.
 When you take everyone else's energy, you lose the power of your energy.
Have you been living in your head and churning the same thoughts over and over????

 It can get overwhelming in what to do and where to start ...  so you don't do anything. 

The 21 Day Radiant Light Challenge will definitely help you with this.  Our focus stating Jan 1, 2023 is activating your Abundance with Reiki!

The Radiant Light Challenge
Winter 2023
Activate your Radiance for Abundance

21 Days to Abundance with Reiki

ARE you searching for your Light... your presence in the world?
How are you supposed to  attract better circumstances into your business and your relationships  if you have lost your spark?

Is it actually possible to attract new possibilities without up leveling your energy right now?🤯

I bet you’ve tried to ignore your daily practice or skipped your meditations ... And finding nothing is quite working for you, with all the stress and anxiety underneath.

 It is with this method that I have pulled myself up and onward, stronger and better.

It's time to move along the Wheel of Life and find the direction of the North - Winter. 
Winter energy is all about honoring your ancestors, bringing in wisdom and guidance, opening up to your dreams and visions.
 Time to begin again...  to see your life from the perspective of possibilities...
One step at a time... bring forth these possibilities for your path.

I've been there... lost my spark... lost my faith... not once but several times along my path.  

Sign up at $133 for the 21 Day Radiant Light Challenge which includes:

21 Days of guided Meditation that builds your light and Spiritual Practice.
You will reach milestones during the 21 days that help you to regain Focus, find your Strength in boundaries and Radiate your light!

Bonus #1 - Live Calls  each week with all the rituals and techniques - RITES
Bonus # 2 - Routine - Your 21 minute daily “Ritual" Guide
Bonus # 3 - Your App/Membership site - Energy Mastery/The Empowered Spirit Sanctuary
Bonus #4 -  1:1 Virtual Session  each  month ($135 value)

Plus with the challenge, you will also get 1st month free membership to the app . Enjoy the teachings and courses... from  setting up your Spiritual Practice to learning more about your Intuition as you move along the path of the Medicine Wheel and into the season of Winter.

Winter is found in the Direction of the North.
Winter energy is all about honoring your ancestors, bringing in wisdom and guidance, opening up to your dreams and visions.
Time to begin again... to see your life from the perspective of possibilities...
One step at a time... bring forth these possibilities for your path.  

After that  for ONLY $33/month includes:
- (1) virtual private session a month
- Teachings from the Medicine Wheel
- New And Full Moon meditations
- RITES for each month including REIKI meditations and hand positions, INTUITION tools to build your skills, TAROT  Talk and Layouts,  EFT - tap out the limited beliefs  and Stones and crystals for the season.
We'll also work with power animals and journeys through the Wheel of Life.
- Accountability
- Community
- Support 
- Intuitive teaching zoom call each week after the 21 daily challenge has finished

Join by now for only $133 for the 21 Day Radiant Light Challenge which includes the app as well as

-As a Founder Member you will get future 21 Day Challenges included in your membership.

Each season you'll learn to walk the Medicine Wheel as you follow the radiance of your light and Master your Energy.

All in one APP you download on your phone. Click on the link below....

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21 Day Radiant Light Challenge - Sign up -  $133
Plus the Energy Mastery Membership - 1st Month Free

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