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As this podcast goes to air it is time to close out the year. We’ve just opened up to the Winter Solstice… a return to light.  It may not seem like it but the days are going to start getting longer… slowly.

Winter is about going deep within.  It’s a time to pull your energy within. To explore your inner light. To understand the connections you have with your soul.  What agreements, soul contracts have you made with yourself?  Which ones are serving you and which ones aren’t?  These are the questions to ask this season.

The cosmic energy has some retrograde energy which will allow you to do this.. to slow down and review your year.

It is a time to examine life and all the many challenges that have occurred. 

Now is the time to know how you process your energy. Are you using your energy in a productive manner?

Or Are you finding yourself drained… tired… procrastinating,.. depressed or perhaps even fearful of how to move forward?

What are those energy drains?  And what are they causing you on a daily basis?

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In today’s episode, as I go to close the year with you, I wanted to share an experience, a teaching moment,  that is closing the year for me through the energy of transmutation. 

Transmutation is the ability to transform energy.. .to release and let go of the old and awaken to the new space.. new light within.

A few episodes ago, I interviewed the amazing author and teacher,Shelly Kaehr about her book, Past Lives in Ancient Lands.

In the interview, we talked about how our soul calls us to return to the places of our past lives. We talked about the energy that sacred spaces hold. One of the places we talked about was Teotihuacan. 

I had planned a trip to Teo to work with some teachers for my own healing. It was to be a Spirit Recovery at the Dreaming House. The retreat is based of the Toltec ways and the teachings of Don Miquel Ruiz. 

I knew about the retreat and had wanted to go for a while but this trip this time was the one I landed.

And thus my journey begins…. 

Working with your soul can help you to release old patterns.

Working with your Soul can help you to remember the wisdom of lessons learned.

Working with your Soul can help you to open up to live your dreams in this life time.

We all Journey through life with a consciousness that extends beyond the body. We learn. We grow. We accumulate wisdom through lessons.

We move through the physical death of our bodies yet the consciousness is there.. still growing and expanding.

Time stamp – 11:40 – Collective Akashic Healing Meditation.

May you find peace and live your dreams in the new year!

Thanks again for listening!

Happy Holidays!

To your Spirit,


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December 24, 2022


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