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As this podcast goes to air, the light of the moon is growing.

Actually,  The days are getting longer.. even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Since this past New Moon in Capricorn, you’ve been given structure and strengthening the tangible aspects of your work and/or your business.  And, with the conjunction of Pluto energy, perhaps even cultivating a deep reserve of emotional strength and personal power in order to restructure the business systems that will carry you through these next several years.

The question to be asking yourself right now is .. What creations need nurturing.. emotionally, materially and especially spiritually?

It’s ok to break this down and take one lunar cycle at a time.

What is it you want to nourish as you start the year?  What is the creation you are working on?

In this episode, I am offering a channeled message from the Akashic Realm to help you release any doubts, fears, grief and blocks that might be weighing you down from these previous past 2 years in order for you to move forward into 2022.

One of the things that I love so much about working in the Akashic Realm is that as we work in the higher dimensions, all judgment is released. It’s all vibration!  You don’t have to take on any blame, shame or negative emotions about the imprints. You just clear them out and raise the vibrations to a higher level as the clearing occurs. It’s pretty awesome.

When you work with the Akashic Records of the body, you work with the imprints of the body in this lifetime that have been accumulated in this present incarnation.

There are many reasons why people manifest illness and disease.

  • Past memories
  • Past trauma
  • People get disconnected from hearing their own body’s wisdom
  • Not owning their power or energy
  • Conflict
  • Guilt
  • Sadness
  • Grief
  • Too busy and stressed out
  • Taking on others energy
  • Poor eating habits
  • Drugs, alcohol and cigs
  • Genetic predisposition

The list goes on.

When we access the records of the body, we call in the wisdom of our higher self and the Healing Guides,

Through Akashic Clearings you are able to access the information and tools needed to clear away the imprints which allow your body to find balance once again so that you can move forward into the new year … fresh  alive .. inspired and empowered.

I’ll be guiding you into the higher realms as we start with a meditation… offer the keys to open up the records.. bring in messages and then a 2 Minute Golden Light Technique.

Notice what you notice.

Notice what resonates with your and your energy.

Allow the Healing Guides to clear the energy for you.

It’s all frequency.. it’s all energy.

Tune into your Soul. It allows for guidance and knowing to come in to empower your Spirit in this new year.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


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January 8, 2022


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