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As this podcast goes to air, we moving into the first Full Moon of Summer. 

This full moon in Capricorn provides you with the ability to process all the emotions brought up with the energy of the cancer season.  It offers just enough discernment for you to de die what you need to heal, restore and evolve.  It is a powerful full moon and can become your guiding light for the rest of the year.

As you nourish yourself this season, notice your frequency, your radiance, and the energy you have to heal. Lift your vibration through this rich energy of your soul… your connection to Mother Earth the moon and the cosmos. Notice the practice that has been working for you. Notice the strength of your own intuition and what you need to do to energetically align with your life’s purpose. This Capricorn energy allows you to know the purpose of your soul especially if you take the time to nourish your inner self.. your light .. your radiance.

Knowing your energy … your truth … your voice.. your Spirit is so valuable at this time. And that’s where the RITES come in to help you move through all this stuff!

Rites being Reiki.. intuition.. tarot.. eft and stones and crystals.

Finding ways to tend to the struggles of your life with these tools in your every day can add inspiration and amusement, and joy.

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In today’s episode, I speak with Lauren Walker.  She is the author of The Energy to Heal. In this episode, we talk about applying Energy Medicine to your Yoga practice.. something I have actually started doing in my yoga classes, so I really loved this conversation. We talked about Balancing the body, mind, and spirit, healing from trauma, everything is energy, and how Yoga can connect you with your own inner guidance, to help you process the Unprocessed emotions stuck in the body.

Lauren Walker is the author of The Energy to Heal, just published this Spring from (Llewellyn Publications). She previously published Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice (Sounds True, 2014) and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription (Sounds True, 2017). Both books won the Nautilus Silver Award for best Mind/Body publication. She’s been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997 and created Energy Medicine Yoga while teaching at Norwich University. She teaches EMYoga across the US and internationally and has been featured many times in Yoga Journal, MantraMagazine, Yoga Digest, and published a feature article about her yoga work in The New York Times. In 2016 she was named one of the top 100 most influential yoga teachers in America. For more of her work, see EMYoga.net.   Facebook Instagram  

9 Energies of Yoga:

  1. Aura (biofield)
  2. Electrics 
  3. Radiant Circuits (flows in the body – joy)
  4. Chakras
  5. Meridians
  6. Triple Warmer
  7. Elements
  8. The Grid (anchor)
  9. The Celtic Weave

Yoga connects you with your own inner guidance.

5 elements – Chinese Medicine:  Water… Wood …Fire… Earth… Metal.

With trauma, you lose love for yourself.

As Lauren says, “Hurt people hurt people. We have to heal the hurt people so that everyone heals so that everyone stops hurting.

The most important thing we can do right now is to heal ourselves.

Reach out to Lauren for her book and her work.

If you need help with your Spiritual practice, reach out to me. Schedule a Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough call with me and let’s get you started!

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


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July 9, 2022


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