Virtual or In-Person

A session to clear the blockages and stuck energy in your Subtle Body Energy system using Reiki, Energy techniques, Crystals, Color and Essential Oils as needed. We begin with a Tarot card reading to get to know what’s going on within you as we uncover the hidden aspects. The Energy work will follow to release the blocks and refresh the energy centers (chakras) from what was uncovered in the Intuitive Reading leaving you in a state of peace and feeling more grounded in your body. 

$135 - 75 mins

SCHEDULE In-person



A Reiki/Energy session can help with sleep, deep relaxation, cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress, and improve overall wellbeing. A session aids in relaxation, assists in the body’s natural healing processes, and develops emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being allowing for your own inner guidance to come through.

Reiki at Reiki southeast location

$108 - 45 mins

Tarot Reading


The Empowered Spirit Tarot creates a confidential and spiritual conversation that is therapy for the Spirit. I use the Tarot as a tool for healing and to help my clients gain a deeper connection to their path so that they can become more connected to their lives. I specialize in readings that connect clients to themselves, their abundance, relationships and careers. I tailor my spreads to fit their needs and questions; each reading is different from the last. 
This is a virtual call on Zoom.

$135 - 55 mins


WHY GET A Tarot reading?

A Tarot reading is perfect for when you are stuck in your own way and can't seem to get out of it.
It will help you to take a different perspective into your decision making by offering creative and new outlooks on your situation.
They offer clarity, conformation and peace of mind when at a crossroads.
"A tarot reading is like having a therapy session with your Spirit". 


Discover the imprints your Soul holds and how they are showing up in this lifetime. When you uncover these imprints, you can then create new contracts for your present situation to help you grow and move forward with intentions. When your Records are opened, you get a bigger picture. You are able to see the patterns and the connections with a bird’s eye view. You aren’t boxed in by the singular impression that you have when you are living in the middle of it.

$135 - 45 mins



EFT is an eliminating technique. It combines ideas of both eastern and western medicine. By tapping on the meridians and bringing up your “issues” we are able to reduce and in many cases, eliminate them out of the body. Tap away the issues that create limiting beliefs. Rewire your brain for success.

$135 - 60 mins



During our 90 min sessions you will gain clarity on who you are in you life, your visions and your next step that may serve you best based on this intuitive reading.

This will offer you guidance on the mental, physical, emotional and energetic levels through the Akashic Records. 

We will look at Soul Purpose and the Imprints that keep you from living out this purpose. Clear chakra imprints with the use of Absolute Scalar Light. 
We will bring in information on past, present and future energies using the Mystical Tools of Angels, Crystals, Tarot, and Energy Work. 

You’ll get practical applications and spiritual advice based on the information we uncover in your Akashic Records.

Since your ability for manifesting in your life is through your thoughts, words, and actions, it’s important that you look at these items as messages from the Universe and place them somewhere that you can see every day, like on your altar, on your desk, by your computer or in the car, as a reminder of what is currently present in your life. Stay focused to manifest the happiest and healthiest version of yourself! 



You’ll get clarity on many areas of your life such as relationships, career path, past lives, energy sensitivity, addictive behaviors, self-care routines, personal boundaries, intuition and major life shifts. No subject matter is off limits! Your reading will focus on bringing resolution, manifestation, and learning how to follow your own inner compass. Following the session, you will receive your very own Medicine Bag, which will include chosen cards, mantras, and crystals from your session along with an essential oil crystal roll on.

$350 - 90 mins