So much change in the universe.  So many cosmic shifts.

How are you doing with it all?  Are you able to stay focused and in alignment with your New Year’s intentions?

Right about now is when many people tend to let them go, give up or go back into old habits.

Having a daily spiritual practice can help you to stay on track and embrace the changes in your life. Aligning with the cosmic forces and being aware of the cycles of the  moon can help you to adjust your energy as well.

All of this cosmic force energy I talk about on my Energy Focus for the week, which you can always catch the live on Sunday nights or the replays on my website.

Aligning with the cosmos and having tools and techniques to pause, to reset and be aware of your energy is so important. If you are in need of help or guidance or feel inspired to learn more about your own spiritual practice, reach out. 

Download my free guide to help you set up your own Spiritual Practice. You can find it on my website at  TerriAnnHeiman.com.  If you would prefer some private help, join me in my Empowered Spirit Program

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In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about Reiki, a Universal Life Force Energy that has been instrumental in my life, especially this past year in moving through grief.

I often ask the question to other Reiki practitioners, did Reiki find you or did you find Reiki?

For me…I found Reiki. I went searching.

Nothing else was working; I was going through a horrible divorce, I had two small children and traditional therapy was okay but I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I was crying everyday. I was full of fear and anxiety; I wasn’t eating and I wasn’t sleeping…

Reiki is an excellent technique for stress management as well as being a complimentary treatment to western allopathic medicine. The transfer of Reiki energy actually increases the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

One of the many benefits of Reiki is an increase in self healing and self awareness. It can become a mediation for the body, mind and spirit. And, it can open up your own intuitive abilities.

In the next several episodes to come,  I will be sharing other people’s experience with Reiki as we build this Reiki Community.

In this episode, I offer a Reiki Meditation and send Reiki Energy out to you. Yes, Reiki can be sent in space to wherever you are as it knows no barrier of time of distance.

Fascinating…isn’t it!

Notice what you notice!

To your Spirit!


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February 1, 2020


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