As this podcast goes to air, we are moving into the cosmic forces of the full moon, bringing in lots of opportunities for you to become aware of your energy and allowing you to go deeper within to hear the messages of your Spirit.

The energy of the full moon this month is in Cancer and it’s an lunar eclipse. Cancer is a super sensitive, super intuitive vibration which affects empaths tremendously.

And…there is also a focus on communication because the Sun conjuncts Mercury and also some influences of Saturn and Pluto. You might feel a little bit of an oppressive vibe because of their authoritarian, responsible and transformational energies.

No gettin around it, and needless to say, this can be a very emotionally challenging period. If you are a sensitive, timid person you need to protect yourself against bullies. 

You are going to need a few tools…like the elements—fire, air, earth, and water—to help…if you can gather some Crystals from the earth like…

  1. Fluorite brings air energy and focus into your space. Emotions are fluid like water and sometimes require some lightness to show you what is the truth.

  2. Garnet is a powerful stone, especially for grounding. It is a get it done stone that can help you define your boundaries and leave the excess energy behind. It’s also a great stone for commitment…commit to knowing your energy.

  3. Hematite is a healers stone and let’s add in an Empaths stone. It will help you to define your energetic boundaries…it pulls in what’s yours and pushes out what’s not.

Create your sacred space… if you don’t already have one, be sure to get my guide.  

Gather a few elements.

AIR: Gather a piece of paper…a pen…for your thoughts .

FIRE: And some fire…a candle and sage.

EARTH: The crystals are of the earth.

WATER: Gather some water in a shallow bowl.

Follow along and allow yourself to go within and just witness all the sensations. Open up to seeing or hearing something…and then just observe…

Set this intention or perhaps one of your own:

I no longer attract everyone and their problems. I no longer attract everyone’s illness. I cleanse myself and shield myself from all negativity on this full moon.

Feel a clear sensation in your energy body. Feel yourself free from the attachments of others.

Allow the crystals to remain on your altar to hold this new vibration of freedom and peace for you. .  

After the full moon has passed, you can then take these crystals and carry them with you…your pocket, your purse or make a piece of jewelry with them.  

Cleanse yourself and shield yourself from all excess energy on this full moon and allow the bright light to guide you.

Aligning with the cosmos and finding tools and techniques to pause, to reset and be aware of your energy is so important. If you are in need of help or guidance or feel inspired to learn more about your own spiritual practice, reach out. 

Download my free guide to help you set up your own Spiritual Practice. You can find it on my website at TerriAnnHeiman.com.  It’s a 5 Step Guide to help you set up your own Spiritual Practice, part of Spiritual Literacy in your life.  If you would prefer some private help, join me in my Empowered Spirit Program. 

Schedule an Empowered Spirit Discovery Session with me and let’s discover what 3 things are draining you of your energy and the #1 thing you can do to empower and trust your inner guidance.

To your Cosmic Spirit!


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January 11, 2020


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