As this podcast goes to air, we are at the third eclipse and a full moon!

I can hear the spirits howling.

Joking… but it is a time of intense messages coming forward for all of us.

What are you picking up on?

How are you noticing these cosmic forces for you?

The eclipse energy is pretty intense and mixed with the full moon… well…  yes… lots of chaos can be felt.

We’ve talked a lot about this energy these past several weeks and on the Energy Focus for the week, so the message is still the same…  Stepping into your brilliance, creating a new path… new systems for yourself… is the way in which to embrace these forces.

Eclipses open up portals for us to step through and make exponential changes in our lives. 

The Lunar Eclipse that comes in on the 4th and 5th is in Capricorn and will occur to help ground us and encourage us to look towards our future with a new set of eyes and a desire to commit to and build tangible systems and structures that will create a sustainable future for ourselves and our world. 

In today’s episode, I decide to bring on an astrologer, Kari Field… who is actually a Vedic Astrologer. We talk about the difference between Vedic and Western astrology, Karma, chaos, the sun, the moon, the planet and the stars.

Kari Field (Anandashree) is a Vedic Astrologer and spiritual advisor based in San Francisco. Since 1990, Kari has worked with a wide range of clients, bringing her innate wisdom and in-depth knowledge to her Vedic Astrology and Tarot card readings.

Kari began studying esoteric subjects, including astrology, Tarot cards, and the I Ching, at a young age. She went on to study Vedic Astrology with some of the most renowned astrologers in India, including Sanjay Rath ji, Hart de Fouw, and Krishan Lal Mantri ji.

For the last two decades, Kari has traveled the globe, researching divination practices and music from different cultures. She has researched midwifery and female shamanic healers in West Africa, and lived in Spain where she taught yoga and studied the Tarot. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies from the University of Minnesota, and pursued graduate study in music and Hindu classical arts in Benares, India.

Kari regularly returns to India to continue her astrological research and music study, and to serve her spiritual teacher, Ammachi – Mata Amritananda Mayi Ma, from whom she received the spiritual name, Anandashree.

Kari upholds the tradition that Vedic Astrology is more than just a predictive tool—it’s a method of uplifting the mind that offers extraordinary insight into karmic patterns and life cycles. Kari’s consultations integrate creative and practical remedies designed to restore balance and empower individuals to live healthy and productive lives.

Contact Kari … Website Facebook Instagram

Vedic Astrology is very much more focused on the moon.

In general, the experience, the omen, and actually what was happening in the sky at the moment of birth sets up a template, a sort of a map of your life.

This map shows your strengths, your weaknesses and the imprints of the past and what you came in for your mission in this lifetime.

The stars that surround the moon become very important in Vedic astrology and your map or chart is based on fixed stars that have specific mythology and meaning connected to them.

Your Birth Star is the star that was closest to your moon when you were born.

You can learn so much from having a birth chart of your own soul’s energy.

You can learn about detailing your special gifts, your abilities, as well as understanding some of life’s biggest challenges.

Vedic Astrology is a time tested tool that can empower you to harness your unique strengths and transform stubborn obstacles when you align your energy with the stars, the planets, and the moon.

Reach out to Kari and get a reading just for you. It can help in so many ways, especially in these times of uncertainty.

And, if you’d like some guidance on your Spiritual Path, reach out to me.

I’d love to offer that guidance for you.

To your Spirit,


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July 4, 2020


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