As this podcast goes to air, we are at the very beginning of the summer season.

From the chaotic energy of the air element of Gemini, we find ourselves in deep and sensitive waters of Cancer and the start of Summer. 

The summer will bring much heat… literally and symbolically… we will see.

The energy of summer is about slowing down, relaxing, and finding the patience for your life to allow the seeds to grow. It’s the divine feminine energy and, as I like to say, the wild woman energy… something we can all express.

During this Cancer Season, we have two New Moons in Cancer, which is great for manifesting!

We are sitting in the middle of the eclipse season.

Eclipses open up portals for us to step through and make exponential changes in our lives.

This New Moon eclipse is sitting right at the North Node, which pulls the energy of society in one direction. It, in many ways, is where we are headed as a collective.

The North Node holds the lessons humanity is learning and integrating during a specific period.

The North Node’s position in Gemini is introducing new perspectives, systems of energy exchange, and new forms of communications within society. 

The full moon eclipse was hitting the South Node… that is about stuff we can leave behind.

So, yes, it is time to stop making imprints… time to stop the cycles you may have found yourself in… and move it forward… find the lessons underneath… and open up!

Step into your brilliance, which we talked about two weeks ago on the show with Douglass Vermeeren from the movie How Thoughts Become Things. And last week we talked about Connecting into your Genius with Gene Monterastelli… a great interview on self sabotage, how we can get in our own way, and how to get out of it! We also had a fun conversation on Intuition and an approach that talks about bringing in within.

Now we also have all the retrograde planets, including Mercury, so lots is being revealed, reviewed and revolutionized.

Venus has gone direct, so hopefully you are noticing your relationship going more direct as well.

It really can feel like everything is being mixed up.

So in today’s episode, I thought I would also offer a Meditation to help you step into this new summer with hope to inspire you with the courage to make these changes for you.

Reach out to me to help you build your spiritual practice.

My Intuitive Path Program has just opened up. This online, live group program will help you to Master your Energy.

Mastering your Energy means putting attention and priority to the energy body by practicing tools and techniques that strengthen the energetic body. It’s just like the time and attention we put into the physical body and mental health.  

Just because we can’t see the energy body doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 😉  

When you put the time and attention into the energy body and become aware of the “psychic senses,” you will learn how to master your energy so that you can live with confidence and clarity as you make better decisions in your everyday life.

What I have seen with my clients is that making better decisions gives them control of their life, which becomes fulfilling, rewarding and affluent with the lifestyle they want.

Click here for all the details for The Intuitive Path Program.

May your summer be filled with many blessings of love, light and brilliance.

To your Spirit,



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June 27, 2020


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The Energy of Summer and a Meditation for Taking That Next Step



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