As this podcast goes to air, we moving through some pretty intense times with what seems like… no answers in sight.

How are you able to make sense of these times in your life? How are you finding the answers you need?

We’re in the last quarter moon, which is a time of releasing, of letting go of the excess energy you’ve been carrying around. Mercury is set to station direct tomorrow, July 12th, although there is still a shadow side for another several days. Take care in still noticing your methods of communication.

All of this I talk about on the Energy Focus of the week, which you can find live on Sunday nights on Facebook or Instagram.

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In today’s episode, I speak with Debbie Anderson about her new Oracle deck, Vibrational Energy. In the episode we talk about the oracles via the tarot, creating a format for reading, what vibrational energy means and even a children’s deck!  

Debbie A. Anderson is one of the leading experts in North America on the use of oracle cards. Her four acclaimed, gorgeously illustrated Vibrational Energy Decks for adults and children have sold more than 20,000 decks. 

An internationally known clairvoyant born in England, she experienced spirit-communicating phenomenon from early childhood, saw people who had passed over, knew information about people that she could not have known otherwise and could see future occurrences. 

Debbie was told that she was at risk of being institutionalized as psychotic, so she suppressed her gifts. 

Venturing out gingerly, she started using the Tarot to guide friends, and she realized that it was not just the cards providing guidance; she was using her intuitive skills to augment what was on the card. 

At the Arthur Findley College in Stansted, Essex UK (which she says was like attending Hogwarts) during her 20s, she began to explore the mediumship side. Eventually, spirit directed Debbie to apply those skills to creating her own decks to help people clear and enhance their personal vibrational energy. 

In the process, she became aware of how to guide individuals on maximizing their own intuitive skills through the use of oracle cards. Debbie has developed specific steps that enable anyone to get the most success out of any oracle deck, and to heighten their intuitive skills

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3 Easy Steps for Reading

1) Connect to Purpose Behind Question – Breathe

2) Connect to Deck – Shuffle and decide on your layout – 1 card, 3 card etc..

3) Connect to the Card(s) That Have Been Chosen – There are no wrong choices


Yes! You can work with your own intuition on a daily basis to empower the work you do so that you can learn to trust that guidance that comes from within. Everything is energy and everything does have a vibration to it.

What you feed yourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually needs to resonate with you up into a higher vibrational level.

Right now, especially, it is so important to have the skills to make decisions. 

Practicing the skills of intuition is how you build the confidence within you. 

Oracle cards are a great and fun way to build your practice.

Reach out to Debbie to get a copy of her cards. Don’t forget to check out her children’s deck as well.

If you would like help in your spiritual  practice to build your intuition, reach out to me. 

I would love to guide you on this journey.

To your Spirit,


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July 11, 2020


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