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In today’s episode I speak with Lee Irwin a spiritual teacher, author, and intuitive guide about her new book, “Radiant Wise Woman: Breaking Free from the Myths of Menopause and Aging.”

What a great interview especially following last week’s episode on Sexual Enlightenment.

We talk about the Maiden, the Queen and the Wise woman, myths of menopause, what menopause means, having joygasmas and pleasure, the clitoris, gifts of menopause, the Rite of the womb, healing the witch energy, what happens when women wake up and the legacy for our children.

Lee Sumner Irwin is a spiritual teacher, author, and intuitive guide in the art and soul of women’s transformation. She is the Founder of the Radiant Wise Woman pro-age movement, her passion is helping women awaken to their wild heart, deep wisdom, and radiant life. As a “midwife for midlife” Lee’s new book,  Radiant Wise Woman: Breaking Free from the Myths of Menopause and Aging gives women struggling through menopause a map to feeling sexually alive and emotionally free.

With thirty years of education and experience as a professional coach, occupational therapist, and international retreat leader, she has worked with thousands of women worldwide to offer every woman today a path back home to her infinitely powerful self. Lee is answering the call of her indigenous ancestors to share her unique medicine as a healer, artist, and love warrior.

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It is time to change the myths.  To embrace this phase of life. To explore.. be curious about your own sexuality at this time and channel that creative force of energy.

100% yes!

Women can move mountains as we embrace this power found in each stage of life.. especially that of the the Wise Woman!

No more old Crone energy! 

Reach out to Lee for her book!

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April 30, 2022


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