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As this podcast goes to air, we in the waning phase of the moon… a time of releasing the excess energies of this lunation..  as you move through this last quarter.

We’ve entered into the sun shine of Taurus… an earth energy and the eclipse season.

This period is a time of great change and opportunity in your life. It also highlights comfort zones and stagnant energy that you need to break through to reach your potential. Eclipse seasons can feel intense and overwhelming. It’s important to understand that this energy is occurring and give yourself daily practices to ground your body and energetic field as you navigate this immense energy.

Over this eclipse season, you have the opportunity to embrace the energies of Taurus more fully and harness these energies to work with our personal nodal paths.

Knowing  your energy … your truth … your voice.. your Spirit is so valuable at this time. And that’s where the RITES come in to help you move through all this stuff!

Rites being Reiki.. intuition.. tarot.. eft and stones and crystals.

Finding way to tend to the struggles of your life  with these tools your everyday can add inspiration and amusement, and joy.

It can free you from unnecessary stress that Is going on in the world.

All these cosmic forces and energy alignments, I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week which you can find live on Sunday nights on Instagram and FB. We talk about what’s going on, we align our energy, set intentions for the week and I pull the Tarot cards for guidance. Join me.

As we move through these comic transitions, now is the time to clean up your energy with an energy clearing session.  Schedule one now.. in person or online.

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In today’s episode I speak with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver are the founders and directors of the TantraNova Institute in Chicago. 

What a beautiful and empowering conversation about sexual enlightenment.

We talk about creative life forces, energy, spiritual energy, what tantra is all about, energetic awareness, breathe, transformation, yoga for the energetic body, how energy shows up, bringing consciousness to sexual intimacy and sexual and spiritual together.

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver are internationally renowned workshop leaders, relationship and intimacy coaches, and certified Tantra yoga teachers. Their retreats and workshops have been offered throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. They are the producers of the bestselling DVD series Creating Intimacy & Love and were featured on Showtime’s documentary series Sexual Healing and the Emmy award-winning NBC show Starting Over.

Elsbeth and Freddy Zental have assisted more than ten thousand couples and singles in rekindling and expanding their love and relationships. They are on the faculty at Esalen in Big Sur, California, and at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. They lead couples’ retreats for CEOs and their spouses/partners through the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and have received the highest recognition for their work.

Elsbeth and Freddy Zental are sought-after speakers who have presented at Loyola University; Northwestern University; University of Chicago, Illinois Association for Marriage & Family Therapy; The American School of Professional Psychology of Argosy University; and Bodhi Spiritual Center.

Elsbeth has served as a doctoral dissertation advisor in the past. The efficacy of Dr. Elsbeth Meuth’s and Freddy Zental Weaver’s work is captured in the 2009 doctor of psychology research thesis “The Impact of Tantra on Couples’ Intimacy and Sexual Experience” by Meredith E. McMahon of The American School of Professional Psychology of Argosy University, Chicago.

Elsbeth Meuth, EdD, was born and raised in Germany and has been developing her career over the past forty years in the United States and Europe. As a management consultant and executive coach at Business Design Associates, a firm founded by Dr. Fernando Flores, she worked with clients in the United States,Canada, and Europe. Elsbeth holds a doctorate in education and a master’s degree in music. Her academic career includes associate professorships at Musikhochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany, and Berklee School of Music in Boston. She was a research fellow at the University of Indiana, Indianapolis, and is trained as an ontological design coach employing the principles of speech act theory and Heideggerian worldview.

Freddy Zental Weaver co-led creative self-discovery seminars at the Institute for Creative Living in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Hawaii. He employs the creative self-discovery approach as developed by psychiatrist and author Fred Weaver, MD. During Freddy Zental’s tenure in software sales, he consistently achieved outstanding sales and income objectives.

Freddy Zental has served as a teacher and district-wide human relationship counselor in the Los Angeles Unified School District and is a performing artist with a one-man show called Sexual Enlightenment currently touring the United States. He is an accomplished percussionist, a stand-up comedian, and a storyteller who uses humor, music, and movement in his presentations and trainings. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and is a certified Thai bodyworker.

Elsbeth and Freddy Zental are beloveds—life and business partners—residing in Chicago.

Website Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Book

As Elsbeth and Freddy say, “Bridge the intersection of consciousness, the creative power of sexual energy, sensual pleasure and personal empowerment.

Imagine creating this lasting fulfillment in life, love and intimacy.

Conscious intimacy isn’t just about personal intimacy but also about the deeper relationships you can create.

Sexual enlightenment is more than a bedroom thing. 

It can lead to a better world all around. 

Single or couples… much can be learned through this work

Master your Sexual Energy! 

There is so much creative power that can come forward!

Discover the secrets to lasting intimacy. Amplify joy, pleasure and creativity in your life and relationships.

Feel intimately alive!

Allow your sexual and spiritual energies to come together in the ever present state of love.

Be sure to check out their offerings and their book which is now available in kindle and audio formats.

It is time to achieve sexual enlightenment.

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April 23, 2022


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