As this podcast goes to air, we are moving through lots of cosmic forces… shift… changes… planets turning direct and the waning of the moon. 

Lots of changes in the air… and in our country. 

As I record this episode, I am not certain of how the elections will turn out. But what I do hope for and pray is a return to compassion, honoring the truth, a more inclusive health care and a higher vibration of peace to be reestablished.

Humanity is going through a major evolution and there are infinite possibilities out there to make changes and reach for something greater.

This can create lots of stress and anxiety. Stress is a major factor in maintaining one’s health.

In today’s episode, I talk with Cyndi Dale about her new book, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress and Chronic Illness. We talk about the subtle energy body, stress and how that is a major factor in our overall health and wellness, trauma, where it actually originates and the energy of the pandemic.  

As a bonus, she offers us an opening meditation.

Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant and the author of 27 books about energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. In addition, she has worked with over 70,000 clients and presented hundreds of seminars and workshops across the Americas and in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Iceland, Costa Rica, Belize, Morocco, Peru, Scotland, and more. She is also a favored teacher and healer for China, leading in-person and on-line classes, and has been published in over 17 languages.

Cyndi graduated from the University of Minnesota summa cum laude with a degree in English and a minor in Philosophy. She also holds a fifth-degree Reiki certificate, the highest of distinctions in this healing arena. 

Cyndi currently teaches a certificate-level program at Normandale College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, through which adult students earn an accredited certificate in Energy Medicine. As well, she teaches a year-long Apprenticeship Program through her own company, Essential Energy, assisting individuals with developing their natural intuitive and healing gifts. These courses are added to the dozens she teaches locally and worldwide in energy medicine and spiritual healing.

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97% of doctors visits are stress related issues.

Trauma is stress that gets stuck in the body.

We are made up of visible and invisible energy. We must learn about our energy system. We must come out of the dark into the light.

As Cyndi states in her book, “People with unhealed trauma are also struggling with chronic illness and other chronic life challenges such as relationship, financial, or self-esteem problems.”

Putting priority into your daily schedule and creating a spiritual practice is so important.

Reach out to Cyndi for her book and get her Energetic Healing for COVID-19 Meditation for free!

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Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


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November 7, 2020


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Energy Healing with Cyndi Dale – Stress, Trauma and Chronic Illness

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