As this podcast goes to air, we are in the energy of the second Full Moon of October… a Blue Moon, known as the Hunter’s Moon, in the sign of Taurus and it’s Halloween!

This day will be filled with more magic, serendipity, and revelations about your own soul’s work.

The rarity of the Blue Moon combined with Halloween and its power to connect you to your soul’s voice gives you a greater ability to open the veil between the conscious and the subconscious mind. 

It’s a time to communicate with your unconscious thoughts, patterns, and feelings on a deeper level. It’s a time to access the energies that lie dormant within you that are asking to be seen and heard.

When the unseen becomes seen, the hidden becomes apparent, and the boundaries that confine our perceptions are blurred and thinner, allowing for the portal to open so that you can get a glimpse of your Soul at work.

Spiritual truth is always at work… beyond what the eyes can see.

Can you look around your life right now and find signs to help you understand your path better?

If you are a strong, passionate modern woman who is ready to take charge of her life and let go of the stories running around inside of her head, schedule a spiritual upgrade breakthrough session with me.

*Warning: This work just may change your life. It can seriously improve your Body, mind and Spirit.

Side Effects: You may see yourself or others as they really are. You may experience loss of excess baggage, resulting in major life changes. You may become the person you were really meant to be.

Schedule a Practical Spirituality Breakthrough Session with me and let’s see if my Empowered spirit program is a fit for you. It will change your life.  It will offer you the way to upgrade and breakthrough the beliefs holding your back.

In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about the veils and what the energy of Halloween holds for us, and I share what occurred for me and how it has shaped my work today. I even channel some messages from Spirit in the meditation.

This time of the full moon and Halloween is a time of transition and reminds us that energy moves in cycles. It is in that stillness that you can tap into the infinite potential and the greatest opportunity for transformation. 

Transformation is a natural part of life and an important component of human evolution. It is something that is unavoidable and can be manageable when you learn to trust your inner guidance.

As you journey through this Full Moon on this very auspicious day, remember to look for the pause in the cycle of your life. In this brief period, the veil is the thinnest and all is ready to be revealed. 

See what is possible when you open your mind to view the unknown and see life as the complex energy system full of endings and beginnings, where the space between them is magic.

Honor what is ending this day, honor the transitions you are journeying through, and find some space between what is dissolving and what is beginning. In this space, your most creative and abundant energy will emerge.

It has for me.

When you feel this touch, the Spirit, it encourages you to touch into your spirit. Life is a spiritual tool to help you evolve.

To your Spirit,


PS… Schedule a Practical Spirituality Breakthrough call and let’s talk about how my Empowered Spirit private mentoring program can get your started trusting your soul’s purpose for your life with confidence.

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October 31, 2020


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The Veils are Thinning… Full Moon + Halloween = InterDimensional



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