As this podcast goes to air, we are right on the New Moon in Scorpio.

This Moon is perhaps the most intense, but also the most transformational one of the year. It is a time to go deep into your fears and shadows to face your demons as you uncover your hidden truths. 

This Moon is an opportunity to change your patterns and create new ones, consciously, instead of reacting in your usual manner. 

The key to understanding the Scorpio New Moon’s gifts is to embrace and trust the process of what unravels. This Moon is about the process, not the results. It’s a time to feel into each step of your evolution and stay completely present instead of focusing on the finish line.

Use this new moon to set intentions for increased health, wealth and happiness in your life, and in the lives of those you love.

We talked about this on the Energy Focus for the week which you can tune into live on Sunday nights on Instagram and Facebook as a way to pull your energy in from the week and focus on what is ahead.

Humanity is going through a major evolution and there are infinite possibilities out there to make changes and reach for something greater.

As you tune into all the signs around, you can begin to understand what you need to do to balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit which will then generate a healthy state of being.

If you are a strong, passionate woman who is ready to take charge of her life and let go of the stories running around inside of your head, let’s talk!

*Warning: This work just may change your life. It can seriously improve your Body, mind and Spirit.

Side Effects: You may see yourself or others as they really are. You may experience loss of excess baggage, resulting in major life changes. You may become the person you were really meant to be.

Schedule a complimentary Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough Session with me and let’s see if this program is a fit for you. 

 My guest today on the Empowered Spirit Show is Eva Melton and our conversation is about her new book, Breadcrumbs to Purpose: Discovering Who You Are and Why You Are Here. We talk about spirituality, religion, soul purpose and your North Star.

Eva Melton is the author of the widely acclaimed Breadcrumbs To Purpose. A graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary, Eva holds a Masters in Religion. She finds great joy in coaching individuals in increasing their connection to God and self. She offers one-on-one coaching and expresses spiritual principles through writing and podcasting.

Contact Eva at: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Book

Eva is a faith leader and recognizes that you must embrace this North Star to explore the journey of your life, believing that lives are meaningless without an understanding of your purpose.

As she says, ”Each person was designed with a purpose in mind.”

Finding your soul purpose may not take you far away from home, but it will take you deep within the alignment of your Soul and Spirit.

Ready to make some shifts to your way of embracing life as we move into the holiday season?

Join me in my Masterclass to learn how to not only survive the holidays, but to thrive through them, all the way into the new year.  Register here.

Be spiritually nurtured!

To your Spirit,


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November 14, 2020


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