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As this podcast goes to air, we are opening up to a full moon in Capricorn next week. This energy can help you with your focus and motivation. It can help you keep a little bit more self discipline. It’s a great time to set some new routines, structure or even boundaries.

It is also a time to go within and understand your core essence. The full moon can shine light on you for this.

Now is the time to live your purpose.. your passion.. to know what that is for you.. and begin that new story for your life! 

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In today’s episode, I speak with Holistic Sha’Medium Tonya Dee about a near death experience that happened to her at the age of 7 and how it shaped her life and the work she does today. We talk about energy, light, beings, other dimensions, chromatherapy, shamanism and loving the Being that you are.

Before there was any online intuition or guidelines, she was on her own Highway – an Inter-Netted – Subtle Body, Spirit Space, commonly known as the “Etheric Highway” where she does most of her Energetic work. She has a plethora of stories – but none of them include a smooth ride into the World of Spirit.

She never had High Corporate Ideals or College aspirations. She was on a COMPLETELY different Pathway… An Energy Highway. She Sensed, Saw, Heard, and Felt most of the Outer World influencing the Inner World of Being. Now, who would you tell that story to?

When she finally got the “it’s,” the trivial pursuit of the traditional world Highway was on a Curve – it was time to get “Out of my Toe and Into my Skin.” Messages from other Planes and Dimensions lead her to the place she is at now. 

Website: club.tonyadee.tv

https://www.youtube.com/c/TonyaDee, IG:@thetonyadee, FB: What’s Up Tonya Dee?, TikTok: thetonyadee

Podcast Series: Musing with Tonya Dee

At the age of 7, Tonya was run over by her neighbor not once, but twice.  She had a near death experience (NDE) which helped shape her life as it is today. It opened the door to the Spirit World.

Modernized Shaman from the Ancient World, Malidoma Patrice (teacher), helped her to learn and discover her path. 

The Cowry Shell Divination  – A powerful and Ancient Shamanistic Divination. It provides a timeless view of the energy you currently carry and offers a clear pathway for you to achieve your Dreams and Aspirations.

As Tonya says, a lot of what happens to us is actually for us. It’s those mixed up, messed up steps that happen for a reason that got her to be on her “Pathway.” 

She works to holistically shift the perspective of human thought, incorporating “Prescriptions” that are of the Other Worldly kind. She assists people in “Climbing Into their Skin,” to Live their Life with Purpose.

Be sure to check out Tonya’s work.

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Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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July 17, 2021


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