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As this podcast goes to air, we just went through a full moon in Aquarius. And I have to admit… I confused my moons this season.  There are 2 full moons in the Leo season… and this moon being right on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, which is where I am born, has had a double whammy on me. It has taken a lot to work through my emotions and to allow myself to set that new path.  Have you noticed this for yourself? The intensity of the season… the wackiness of the weather… the cosmic forces all play a part in our energy.  

The full moon, especially, can pull on your emotions and your empathic nature. No matter what your sun sign or moon rising is… the full moon can influence your moods just like the tides are influenced.

This 1st full moon in Aquarius is one that can shine light on you, your purpose and where you are fitting into the collective.  Certainly a good thing to dive into right now. Who isn’t going through a shift or change? We all are. Aquarius energy guides the social norms. And during this Leo season… we have two of them.  Time to think outside the box… to heal and to begin a new path for your Spirit.

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In today’s episode, I speak with Elizabeth Karp, a trauma therapist. We talk about her trauma, sex trafficking, miracles, brain spotting, source energy and healing. Her story is horrific yet her outcome  is a miracle, and the work that she now does is helping others heal from the very things she went through as a child.

Krishnamurti – Patron Saint of  Child Sex Abuse – Ascended Master

Elizabeth Karp MA CRC, Trauma Therapist  and Spirit Medium, works in the field of healing trauma.

She is currently getting her PhD as a Sexologist and works as a trauma therapist with survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault and as a Spirit Medium for integration of Source and human for the highest evolution and healing of self and Mother Earth.

Website:  https://elizabethkarp.com/


Facebook  Instagram

Elizabeth was a victim of sex trafficking as a young child by her mother and her mother’s new husband. She was repeatedly raped by her mother’s husband’s son multiple times. She recalls how a NDE saved her life and freed her from those constraints.

Today, through her work, she is helping other sex abuse victims combining counseling and energy healing.

As she says, those of us working in the energy, sound, mediumship are the healers of the new evolution. Showing up and helping others with these healings and working with the Spirit and Soul will lead you back to you.

Brainspotting – works deep in the amygdala and limbic system. It is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of other challenging symptoms. Brainspotting is a simultaneous form of diagnosis and treatment, enhanced with Biolateral sound, which is deep, direct and powerful, yet focused and containing. It offers a soft, focused, compassionate presence. 

Knowing your divinity is part of it at this time in human evolution.

If you have been sexually abused or know someone that has, please share this episode. As Elizabeth shows us, you can get help and begin to heal.

Reach out to Elizabeth or https://www.rainn.org/ for more information on sexual abuse.

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PS… Schedule your Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough call with me and let’s talk about how my Empowered Spirit programs can help you. Click here.


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July 24, 2021


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