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As this podcast goes to air, we just moved through the New Moon in Virgo and Mercury has moved direct.  We still have other planets in retrograde but this New Moon will allow you to feel like it’s time to make new agreements with yourself.  You will notice more attention to the details of your intentions.

Virgo teaches you to roll up your sleeves, dig in, and do the work needed to manifest the reality you want to live in.  Virgo is the element of Earth, so this phase can help you in the physical actions you need to take to bring forward your visions.

It’s time to take the steps needed to build this new path for you. Virgo energy can inspire you to make long-lasting commitments through your intentions.

This is a time to see into the future and feel it throughout your being. What do you want your life to look like in five or ten years? What can you do today to help you get there?

As you write your intentions this New Moon, feel into the power of your practices and rituals. The small things you do each day with intent become the rituals of your life.

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In today’s episode, I am very excited to talk about the idea of Risks.  Are you a risk taker? Or does it scare you to take risks, or do new things?

I noticed I had become a little scared of taking risks, of traveling to new places on my own.  I wanted to explore the world but there was a little hesitancy.  Yet my daughter would say to me… “But mom, you left on your own for New York when you were 20.  You raised us on your own.”

So I allowed myself to look at this through her eyes and decided it was time for me to break free of this fear that had come in since covid and expand my horizons… which is the subject today on the show.

My guest is Award-winning memoirist Meg Stafford.  Her latest book, “Who Will Accompany You”, shows us her adventurous spirit, and she takes us along for the ride with her daughters. In this episode we talk about risks, travel as a way to understand taking risks, listening, opening up the mind, traveling as a woman alone, breaking out of the old ways, new possibilities, what we can learn from our children, roots, and wings, and how empowering it can be to open up to hearing other perspectives in life.

Meg Stafford is a writer who loves exploration of all kinds. Her 2011 memoir, “Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C” won six literary awards (including being named “Best First Book” by the IBPA’s Benjamin Franklin Awards) for its engrossing and hilarious portrayal of surviving and thriving after a life-altering diagnosis of breast cancer. For 25 years she has been observing how small, remarkable moments enrich our lives in her monthly newspaper column, “A Moment’s Notice.”  As a social worker in private practice, she’s been helping others negotiate the terrain of relationships and connections for over 35 years.

Her latest book,  “Who Will Accompany You?”  has already won ten literary awards, and is a finalist for another one. The book has become an “Instant #1 New Release in Travelogues and Travel Essays,” as well as an “Amazon Bestseller in Family Travel Guides, Family Travel, and Parenting Teenagers.”  Meg lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two dogs, and one large cat.

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All too often mothers and daughters struggle with their connections to each other. Instead of opening up, listening, and allowing for different perspectives, they find themselves in a battle for control.

The more we allow our children to have their own voice, to hear that voice, from an early age, the more they can build confidence in themselves.

Providing a safe space to take risks is empowering.

Asking our children what their thoughts are about different things sets them up to have confidence in their own voice, a gift we can give our children.

Moms don’t have to know everything. We don’t have to be omnipresent.

Start with small risks. Change your habits. Go a different route.

Find a different restaurant or join a new group on your own. Travel with your children and let them be a part of the plans. Notice what opens up for you and for them.

We are in a time that needs new exploration. We can’t stay in the same place doing the same things.

Change is needed.  One step at a time. Let it begin within you.

Come join us for the 7Days 7ways Meditation Challenge. It begins on the Fall Equinox – Sept 23rd.  

Thanks again for listening.

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September 16, 2023


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