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As this podcast goes to air, we are in the transition energy of a new season, which is the subject of the podcast today.

Many don’t think much of these seasonal transitions but this kind of transition can help us with other transitions in life.

Are you ready to let go of summer or do you want to hold on to it?

Are you looking forward to Fall?

Fall can feel so refreshing however this year we start out with 7 planets in retrograde which can have a slow feeling to the beginning of fall.  It can feel like you are still lingering in summer even if you are ready to move forward.  A good way to move through is to reflect on what has been going on… (Check out last week’s podcast episode where I offered a channeled meditation to close out the energy) It’s a good time to clean up and refresh your energy.  Take time for yourself!

This transition between seasons will offer you a time to refocus your path and align your energy with your inner guidance. 

To help you with that, my new Spiritual Challenge begins on Saturday, Sept 24th 7 days 7 Ways… Building your Meditation practice –  Live every morning to help you build your inner focus, ground, and center to build the radiance of your soul.

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Noticing and being aware of what’s going on within you will add to your ability to make decisions for this new season ahead.  Notice your growth.  Recognize your journey and the direction you have pointed yourself toward.

If it is vulnerable for you right now, allow for that.  Have grace with yourself. 

Remind yourself, that it’s steps, and maybe right in this very moment you aren’t where you want to be, yet, the steps are part of the path. They are the pieces that all add up to the bigger picture.

These cosmic forces, yeah they may be invisible forces of energy… but it is happening.  We will shift. Allow your spiritual practice to  guide you.   

Don’t have a spiritual practice?  Been wondering how to get started?  Schedule a Spiritual Makeover Breakthrough Call with me and let’s see what you need to build your personal practice. 

In today’s episode, I want to offer you a teaching from the Medicine Wheel as we continue to move through the cycle of life, which is what the Medicine Wheel represents…

The Medicine Wheel is circular in shape and represents the idea that life continues on in an unending circle where time has no true beginning or end. 

The Wheel represents the cyclical nature of life and speaks to the need for harmony, balance, and respect between all of life’s parts. Divided into four, each part makes up an invaluable part of the whole, and together they create a balance. This system of traditional knowledge is used by various Indigenous tribes, and though the four parts may represent different things (the four seasons, the four elements, etc.),

The Medicine Wheel provides a basic framework for representing the interconnectedness of all aspects of life while also offering a physical documentation of important Native teachings.

I spent yesterday out at the Medicine Wheel I have created on the land.  It was a mess.. rocks all shifted from the heavy storms we had… weeds growing between the rocks.. grass high from the season.

At first, it looked daunting… like my life.. haha… joking but not joking.

So I took a walk around the circle and just noticed everything.

I like to start in the direction of where we are in the seasonal wheel.  For me, that’s the summer and found in the direction of the South.

So I started here, mowing the grass. As I did I noticed the different parts of my summer bringing forward the fun, the growth, the travels, the inner work, and then the grounding.

And then I got to choose.  Go forward or back?  Mow the grass in the West for the new season or the East to review my spring?

I chose the West, for what’s coming and moved around the Medicine Wheel in this manner.

As rewarding as it was to see the freshly mowed grass, the weeds, and grass in the rocks along the paths were still calling my attention.

And although time-consuming this is my favorite part, moving the rocks, trimming the grass, and pulling the weeds to realign, course correct as I like to say, physically and spiritually. Cleaning up my path to make way for the new opportunities and abundance that will come in.

After all the work… I sat in the center and just got still. I breathed and listened to the wind. Cleared the mind. Did some dreaming and just allowed.

I love working with the Medicine Wheel. It holds such a beautiful sacred energy.

As I was taught, The season of Fall is found in the direction of the West where the sun sets each and every day.

The West is a time of gratitude for all of life’s lessons.  This is the place where we notice our struggles.  We see the transformation of death and decay as well as recognize all the many things we can harvest this time of year.

Fall is symbolic of plenty, ripening, harvest, and abundance.

The entire autumn season is a time of melancholy, preparation, and grief. The days get shorter and darker. The fields that were alive with earth’s abundance will soon be plowed.

The element of Fall is Earth which is grounding us to our life. Earth element allows us to slowly return to our physical presence showing us what can be shed and what we can let go of.

Just like the trees that shed their leaves and fall to the ground to decompose, we too must shed the excess baggage we carry to make room for what lies ahead.

Follow along with this channeled message to bring this wisdom in, set some intentions, and open up to the messages that this new season brings.

  • Rethink the structures that have upheld your life
  • Keep it simple
  • Give everything a review
  • Don’t even think about apologizing for who you are

You must release the old so you can begin anew.

Ready to learn spiritual tools for your path, reach out and schedule a complimentary Spiritual Makeover Breakthrough call with me. Click here.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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September 9, 2023


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