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As this podcast goes to air, we are in the waning light of the Moon in the sun sign of Libra. Libra season is really an opportunity to look at the relationships in your life and understand them on a new level.

Which ones are serving you?

Which ones are limiting you?

It’s also a time to understand the different types of relationships you have in your world. 

Relationships can be complicated and messy, but they can also bring you into an energetic vibration you could not get to alone. 

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When you start going within and connecting to your soul and your spirit, you will find your answers.

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In today’s episode, I speak with Cindy Benezra, author of Under the Orange Blossoms.  This interview is deep and raw. This conversation is one that isn’t shared too much even though it is needed so much. We talk about family secrets, what goes on behind closed doors, shame, fear, loss of self, loss of one’s voice, fear, and how we can move through the trauma for healing. 

Cindy Benezra is an author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and sexual abuse advocate. She is the author of the newly released memoir, Under The Orange Blossoms. 

Cindy is the founder of CindyTalks™, a platform where she discusses healing tools and stories of hope for other trauma survivors. She engages with her readers through honesty, humility and a genuine care for those who have walked a similar path. 

Cindy is also the co-founder of a luxury event company, where she spends much of her time creating beautiful spaces for some of the most important events in people’s lives. Her eye for style and design has won Elite Events numerous awards and spotlight features. Currently, Cindy and her husband reside in Seattle, Washington, and are parents of four adult children.

Instagram:  @cindybenezra @eliteeventsseattle, Facebook: Cindy Benezra Author, LinkedIn- Cindy Benezra

Website:  Cindytalks.com

1 out of  4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys have experienced this.

Most go unreported and are not talked about.

Domestic violence in the home includes sibling abuse.Under the Orange Blossoms

Healing is a step-by-step process.

Learning to create boundaries is very important yet it can be hard when you have suffered this kind of abuse, but it is possible.

There are strategies to cope with post-traumatic stress.

You can learn self-calming techniques that can be implemented anywhere.

My story is not the same as Cindy’s.

Your experience won’t be the same as mine. 

But it is still your story and just as valid. 

I share some of my story as a way to allow your story to come forward as well and encourage your healing.

I have worked with other therapists, healers, and EFT practitioners, and my knowledge of Energy Medicine but reading Under the Orange Blossoms and talking with Cindy was extremely healing in a totally different way… one filled with compassion and understanding. Sharing her story allowed me to share mine.

If you are in need of help reach out to your local Crisis Center.

If you are in Birmingham, reach out to One Place, a Metro Alabama Family Justice Center.  All services are free and confidential. Their mission is to provide coordinated services to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through a multi-disciplinary team of professionals working together under one roof.

Reach out to Cindy. Get her book. Check out her blog. Click here.

Please share this episode with anyone you know that may need to hear this.  

Hope is a mighty force that can take root in your mind and soul.  It’s a longing in one’s heart. WE all just want love.  Cindy Benezra.

Reach out if you have found this to be helpful and would like some help for your Spirit.  You don’t have to do this alone.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


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October 1, 2022


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