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As this podcast goes to air, we are coming to the end of Spring. You can probably already feel the shift. Of all the seasonal transitions, Spring is always the biggest transition. Our Spirit is deep within from Winter.

Summer offers a different kind of transition. 

Our Spirit has been opening up during Spring.

New seeds have been planted. Maybe even a little course correction here and there…but generally speaking for those of us going into summer, now is the time to shape-shift, have fun and find patience with all the many things you are growing, like projects, relationships, work, or whatever it has become for you.

Spirit wants you to open up even more. To get outside, to grow, and nurture yourself.  

Summer Shapeshifting is what I will be focusing on to help you shift your shape, body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Summer is the season of water. It’s your feelings, your heart, self-love. It’s a time for you to own your divine feminine energy. Mother Earth is so fertile right now and she calls for you to reflect that as well. Get sexy. It’s time for the Wild Woman to arise, to shift into the shape you want to be.

According to Google searches, shape-shifting is the ability to physically transform oneself through an inherently superhuman ability, divine intervention, manipulation, sorcery, spells, having inherited or learned the ability.

In the Navajo culture, the skin-walker is like the shapeshifter who is known to be a witch that can shapeshifter into an animal. I love this!

The animal totem for Summer is an animal of prey, like lion or jaguar. 

The idea of shape-shifting is one of the oldest forms of shamanism. The concept remains a common literary device in modern fantasy, children’s literature, and popular culture.  

Just imagine…close your eyes…feel into your womb. Take a deep breath and image that breath going up into your heart with all the love you can muster for yourself, and then exhale right through the solar plexus.. your power…pull the belly back in… love that belly… and as you exhale image that shapeshifting energy from that part of you that needs a little weeding out…pulling in the divine feminine right into your heart and then into a Radiant Wild Woman for your summer playing!

That is shapeshifting as I see it and that is the work we will be doing in the Energy Mastery Sanctuary. Shape-shifting our body, mind, emotions, and spiritual bodies to be in alignment with the season. Tone it up. Get active. Take time for your beauty (bonus on this one), and get ready to feel and look like the Radiant Wild Woman inside of you using the Rites for your everyday life as you Master your Energy.

Ok I’m jumping the mark. I’m so excited I had to announce it. I still have to write it up, the details, the program, etc. I will be having a Master Class to give you an idea of what the program will help you with, so if you want to get on the email list for the Master Class and more information click here.

I’ve noticed that the community we’ve been creating online has led to some really great support and friendships. The glamping retreat was the first time many met each other in person. So cool when we do that. (And btw… I am working on a new retreat… maybe Santa Monica…maybe Costa Rica… maybe another local one too! I love being at the Medicine Wheel with everyone.)

My spirit is so excited to play this summer!  But we must first start to close out, release some energy as we move through this portal, these final days of spring into summer.  Open up new space to allow for more.

Let’s take a few minutes, through meditation and reflection to notice the new seeds you have planted with an offering of gratitude.  Notice what messages come forward for you.

When you take the time to close out one season, with gratitude and awareness, it allows you to step into the new season with renewed energy and more space to grow!

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,



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June 10, 2023


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