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As this podcast goes to air, we are coming into the last Full Moon of Spring.  It’s in the sign of Sagittarius. We sense the need for adventure. The energy is all about the wanderer, teacher, and philosopher. It is also the muse and the truth-seeker. Depicted as the half-man, half-horse with a bow and arrow in hand, this sign is many things. It teaches us that we are many things too. It’s a time to remain curious about the many facets of ourselves, we continually expand our consciousness.

Knowing your Spirit in this lifetime.. takes you deep. It’s what connects you to your Soul… the soul that journeys with you from lifetime to lifetime. 

It’s easy to get disconnected.  To get hurt by life’s experiences, your expectations.. your thoughts your feelings.   It is a cycle. We cover up our emotions. We cover up what we really want to say. 

We often find ourself living from a place of trying to fit in.. to do what is “expected” .. to want to please others for our own validation.  

People pleasing is a drain of energy… a subject I’ve been teaching all season in The Energy Mastery Sanctuary.  It has been quite powerful to break down the different archetypes that drain us of our energy.   As Empaths, it is easy to get caught in other people’s energy and to lose our own knowing.  As we are seeing in the Monetize Your Energy class, once you have the awareness, you can use that awareness to break the patterns and create stronger boundaries for yourself.

If you are wondering how you even begin (there is so much information out there) schedule a Spiritual Makeover Call with me.  I have a few new openings in my private mentoring. Soon I’ll be opening my Energy Mastery Membership again so let’s see, on this call, what you can do to get started. Let’s see if my programs are a match for you.

As I am recording this episode, here in the States we are on a holiday. I’m just getting back from a weekend retreat with several of my students from the Energy Mastery Sanctuary.

It was a Glamping Retreat that started at the Medicine Wheel which you have heard me talk about many times.  We started there to walk the Great Wheel of Life.  To work with the sacred elements… air.. fire earth and water. To recognize the new growth, the weeds to pull, and what to nurture as we enter into the new season ahead, as we are almost there.

Each person was asked to go out into the woods and find a rock. This rock was to then be a way to release and cleanse as we walked the Medicine Wheel. You were to blow into the rock (something I learned from my teacher) whatever the energy was of what you wanted to release and place it along the path in a spot of your choice.

Medicine Wheels are cleansing and releasing.  I built this Medicine Wheel, rock by rock, during the time I was with my parents through their last years. It gave me peace and helped me to release my deep emotions.


The energy is beautiful and strong and you can feel it as you walk the wheel.

Our biggest takeaway…. Course Correction .. move a rock, shift some energy!

This is so important in life. It offers you the ability to notice what changes need to come forward in your life without judgment.

We also took some time for what I call… Sacred Art.  I had gathered cuttings of plants… cedar .. the trees were in bloom with little blue berries.. lavender clipping, rosemary from my garden, sage and palo santo, rose petals and even Christmas tree clippings that I had collected around the neighborhood. With this we made beautiful sacred bundles wound in red thread. Each one so different in how they came together.



We traveled on to the Land of Bohamia.  SO MUCH FUN and what a great place!

Mother Earth has a way of reflecting the many changes around and especially within us.

When you sit still long energy you can discover that there is a power within to create transformation which can also lead to deeper social changes.

As you come back to you and shine your light, you allow others to do the same.

It’s not selfish to take some time for yourself.  To slow down. To ask important questions.  To uncover what you are moving through.. crisis or no crisis…. These questions become important.

Mother Earth is our body.  Our body is an amazing reflection of what’s going on within and around us on our path.

One of the things I wrote in my journal over the weekend was that I was standing in new feet, walking through old pains.

Yes, I’ve had to buy just about all new shoes.  My stance is changing as I am emerging back out into the world after covid. The way in which I hold myself is shifting as I have re-connected with my Soul through my present-day experiences. 

I’m not saying one weekend cured me although it sure made me feel amazing being out in nature but it was defining a direct reflection of my deep inner work this past year.

I think I might be an official glamper now although I love my tent, I love the glamping style!

And.. it was safe for us.. yes we were all women .. and one dog.. Riley!

Safe enough I know I will be back by myself to enjoy again before the next retreat!

We had more time for sacred art.. making medicine bags and painting rocks.  And we sat around the fire, drinking cacao and telling stories with the Tarot cards as our prompts.  So much fun and opened the conversations to deeper stories to share.

The views of the mountains.. and the waterfall! OMG.. we hiked down to the water to refresh and sit. I soaked my foot in the cold water too.

Mini Wiconi.. water is sacred.  And their drinking water… pure.. full right from Mother Earth.


Such a fun weekend.. when you can get back to Mother Earth.. strip down all the layers, to the truth of who you are, you can be happy with watt’s on the inside and notice the course correction for yourself that will set you free of all the conditions that have been put on you.

Being outside and having your feet on the earth makes you remember where you come from. It taps you into your Spirit. The World is moving so

fast. There is so much stimulus coming at you that it is hard to want to slow down.. we good go go..

But Mother Earth is our constant.

Her resonance becomes our resonance.

We can breathe with her and feel the alignment.

Our mind becomes clear and the nervous system calms.

We feel love, peace, joy, happiness, and courage to make changes and keep going.

These were our words of affirmation.  We painted them on rocks. We held the vibrations in our hearts and released them out into our Auric fields.

Yes.. there will be more glamping and teachings from the Medicine Wheel. 

For now.. take a moment to breathe, set an intention, and call in the sacred elements of life with the guided meditation.

Remember you are Fire.

Remember that you are Air.

Remember you are Water.

And remember you are of the Earth.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


PS.. Want help getting started with your Spiritual Practice?  Schedule a Spiritual Makeover Call with me.

PSS… The Energy Mastery Sanctuary is opening its doors again just in time for all the Summer activities. Click here to go ahead and download the Energy Mastery App.


June 3, 2023


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