The Year Ahead 2022 – ” The Grand Mutation” is about the new 200-Year Cycle that will rapidly shift life as we know it.

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As this podcast goes to air we are in the waxing light of the moon in the Virgo season.  

The days are getting shorter as we come to the end of the summer… just a few weeks left.

This is a time to ground your energy.  (Virgo is an Earth sign.) Grounding will help you to recognize all the growth this summer has offered you. Sometimes growth can be like a tall and full plant; sometimes growth can be a different step in your life…  it really depends on you!

The fall will bring us different transitions and reflect many aspects of our lives.  The transitions of seasons offer you a time to refocus your path and align your energy with your inner guidance.  To help you with that, my 21-Day Radiant Light Challenge begins on Sept 22. I go live every day during the challenge to help you build your inner focus, strengthen your boundaries… so needed for the holidays… and build the radiance of your soul. 

We all have struggles and run-up again challenges, but having tools and techniques can make all the difference from forming ways of coping around issues or working through them and rewiring the brain.

These 21-Days will help you to be consistent and show up for yourself… all in 21 minutes a day.  Really!  Sign up for the challenge now and receive a free month in the Energy Mastery membership. Click here.

As we move through these last few weeks, take note of what is working in your life and what isn’t. Find creative ways to look at your life.  Ground with mother earth.  Journal. Writing is an excellent way to process energy especially trauma, crisis, and transitions. 

I talk about all these cosmic forces and energy alignments on my Energy Focus for the Week which you can find live on Sunday nights on Instagram and FB. We talk about what’s going on, we align our energy, set intentions for the week and I pull the Empowered Spirit Tarot cards for guidance. Join me or catch the replay.

As we move through these comic transitions, now is the time to clean up your energy with an Energy Clearing session.  Schedule one.. in person or online. When you work with the energy body, it helps to release the old patterns and all that old stuff you’ve been carrying around.

When you start going within and connecting to your soul and your spirit, you will find your answers.

Schedule a Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough call with me and let’s talk about how my programs can help you.  Empowered Spirit Private Mentoring Program.

There are plenty of exciting cosmic forces coming our way which is the subject of this week’s podcast as I welcome back famed astrology, Susan Miller. Susan shares with us her latest ebook,  “The Year Ahead 2022 – The Grand Mutation” is about the new 200-Year Cycle that will rapidly shift life as we know it.” as well as her new Moonlight Phases APP. In this episode we talk about the outer planets, the inner planets, the middle planets, the Sun Sign, Rising Signs, and what’s ahead for the Fall and into 2023.

Susan Miller, accredited astrologer and founder of the popular website AstrologyZone.com, presents a detailed bird’s eye view of The Year Ahead 2022. Happily, 2022 will be a far better year than the past two years and will be filled with opportunity and change. Having a comprehensive look at an upcoming year will help you plan your most important initiatives.

Yes, some beautiful energy ahead and into 2023.

Susan advises us to:

  • Don’t delay your actions.
  • Prepare your energy.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Enjoy each other and especially be kind and giving.

As Susan teaches, “Astrology is not predictive… Astrology shows influences— astrologers specialize in different aspects of life—medical, charts of nations, relationships and people.”

Reach out to Susan for her latest ebook and download her Moonlight Phases App so that you can be in alignment with the cosmic forces… all for your highest good.

Reach out to me for help with creating your spiritual practice and join us in the 21-Day Radiant light challenge.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


PS… Come join us in the Healer’s Playgroup on Sept 8th with guest teacher Tina Conroy – MEDIUMSHIP: CONNECTING WITH THE AFTERLIFE. This Playgroup is open to everyone who wants to explore and develop aspects of Mediumship. Some understanding of your intuitive abilities will be helpful but is not required. Click here to register.

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September 3, 2022


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