Confession #214

Ever feel lost and unsure of yourself?

Ever feel that you just can’t make a decision to save your life?

Do you find yourself asking everyone around you for directions to your life?

As an Empath, this is a common occurrence, especially when one doesn’t train their intuition and allows their empathic nature to take over.

Many empaths have a natural ability to feel the energy around them. They feel energy from other people and assume this is their Intuition.  While there are Intuitive empaths, many empaths can’t tell their energy from others. Training your empathic and intuitive abilities and knowing the difference between these two energies, is extremely important and beneficial.

When I first began my spiritual training in the energy field, I was definitely empathic but really had no idea what this meant.  

I just knew I could feel other people’s pain and took on the energy that came my way.  I was feeling for others and I confess, I was not aware of my own feelings because they became so mixed up with all the energy I was feeling.

One weekend, I took a workshop with Doreen Virtue’s teachers to learn how to read the Angel Oracle Cards.  During the weekend, there was a meditation that was to help you figure out which
“Clair” you were.  The Clairs are keys to understanding your intuitive abilities.

Clairessence (clear feeling) is what I thought I was.  There is also clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing). There are other Clairs but these are the ones the meditation was helping you to define for your main Intuitive gift.

I went into the meditation thinking I knew the outcome but allowed the guidance to come in, just in case.  Lo and behold, not more than 1 minute into the meditation I saw and visualized the image of Archangel Michael. I saw the color, the size, and the image so vividly that it still remains in my mind’s eye to this day, 25 years later!

That began my journey of training my Intuition. As I learned, Intuition is the ability to perceive information immediately without conscious reasoning. 

Training one’s Intuition is the #1 thing Empaths can do to build confidence in their inner guidance.

Yet, many are afraid to do this.

Not me!  I went on to train and now teach other Empaths the same.

What I have noticed is many people feel training this gift takes away their personal power. They become afraid of what they may uncover within them.

But the truth is, training your intuition, especially as an Empath, will allow you to build your own inner guidance. Inner Guidance is the subject of the Empowered Spirit Show with my guest Zen Cryar Debruke. 

It’s not only important to know your Intuitive abilities but also to build a deeper knowledge of this intuition so that you are 100% sure it is a hell-yes!

Intuition for decision-making purposes can help you find the direction and answers to your path.

For more understanding of how you can understand your inner guidance system schedule your free Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough Call to get started!

Listen to my latest discussion on trusting your Inner Guidance on the Empowered Spirit Show.

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August 28, 2022


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