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The Radiant Light Challenge  Winter 2023
Activate your Radiance for Abundance

21 Days to Abundance with Reiki

How many times have you said you’re going to develop a  regular meditation practice but gave up have day 2?

How many apps have you tried to listen to only to not get the mediation you really wanted?

Having accountability is essential!

I am passionate about helping you to open up to your Spirit. This Radiant Light Challenge will offer you the tools and techniques to build your daily practice.
Each day during the challenge, I go live to guide you through the practice so that you can see the benefits and eventually incorporate it into your daily life.  


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This challenge happens once a season. I believe that each new season we have the possibility of realigning our Spirit to start fresh. I get it. It’s easy by the end of a season to step away from our practice forgetting how this is the very thing that makes the difference.

Join us for the Challenge and download the Energy Mastery App. It's a Sanctuary of Soul Alchemy.

Next Challenge begins
Jan 1, 2023- Winter Season

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