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As this podcast goes to air, we just moved through the first of the Super New Moons coming in.  It was in Aquarius and it also opened us up to the Lunar New Year, Year of the Dragon which I talked all about in last  week’s episode.  I offered a channeled meditation to help you align your energies with this.

As the intensity begins to decrease a little, you might notice your inspiration does, too.  There is a lot of chaos in the world, creating feelings of isolation and loneliness. This creates a depressed state in the energy field.

We are in the depths of winter, yet an awakening is starting to happen. You may be feeling this transition within you.

Sometimes it shows up as fear… as lack.. creating this isolation.

This is the hardest of seasonal transitions. I know for me.. I have been there in feeling lonely. 

One of the ways I handle these feelings is by taking care of myself.  Putting time and attention into my body, my diet, my habits.. meditaiton…breathing.. breathing is so important.  I took it for granted for so long but it is the root of our excitense. This is where you can go to shift the memory of the patterns stored in your brain. It brings me back to the source of  who you are  the I am energy.…

If you feel you are down or have been hard on yourself, now is the time to connect with your higher self and break up this old pattern. The energy we are in now will encourage you to turn this self-defeating energy around. There is a lot of new light to connect with to help you reinforce your 2024 visions.

It’s not a time to rush, but to ease into this transition… finding a slow and steady discipline will add up to bigger changes as Spring approaches.

So… maybe are feeling a deep loneliness within yourself.

It’s ok.

Winter pulls the soul deep. It naturally wants to hibernate, yet there begins a yearning to return to the world. This is where we are right now. Just know with all the outside forces, the shiny objects, you can struggle with the inspiration to to empower yourself.

Know that you are not alone in these feelings.  Many are also in this bubble of isolation, creating separation from the Soul.

Finding ways to connect with your inner light is key. 

The feelings don’t define you. Look at it as a temporary state that allows you to do some deep work with the darkness that you feel.  We all have shadows. Name your shadow.

My teacher, Rita Rivera Fox, a great nagua, teacher of the dream world, asked me if I had a name for this shadow that kept showing up.

To be vulnerable, I have this energy that shows up sometimes right before I fall asleep.  I start crying. I let her cry, but … what’s underneath? Call it up. There is such great teaching here instead of perpetuating the pattern.  

So I gave her a name. Now, if you are from the south, you will get this. Her name is “Bless her Heart”.  So now, at night, when she shows up to pull my day down, I recognize her.  There she is “Bless her Heart”… I offer her gratitude.  

The pattern is easing. The humor is priceless.

Yes, My experience shows me that these deep lonely feelings can teach you that it is time to connect you. Maybe it is time for a spiritual massage like Reiki.  t’s time to stop searching out there and find the heart of who you are. 

I do have just the think to help with all of this. 

You are invited to my first Energy Mastery Virtual Retreat –  Saturday – Feb 24th 1pm-4pm – (It’s a full moon.)

Radiate Confidence: Cultivating Inner Power to Open up to the Spring.

Join us on this transformative journey and give yourself the gift of self-care and spiritual nourishment. 

Lots of spiritual tools, The RITES as I call them.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a path of self-discovery and renewal.

I wanted to continue ways to add to self-care and self-love into your life with another amazing spiritual author from Lewellyn Publishing.  Her name is Raechel Henderson.  Her current book, she has several as we will talk about,  is…  Wheel of the Year -. The Natural Home – She is a witchcrafter.. one who likes to use her hands, recycle objects, and add magic to everything she creates. 

In this episode we talk about what a witchcrafter is, celebrating the wheel of life, creativity and how we are all creative, letting go of judgement, confidence that can come forward, and lifting our energy by adding spark and magic.

Raechel Henderson is a Pagan and witch, following an eclectic and independent path. She currently works with Hestia and Turtle in her magical practice. She contributes articles to Llewellyn’s almanacs and calendars and she blogs about magic, creativity, and living by your own patterns. Raechel is a dual-class seamstress/shieldmaiden and has been sewing professionally since 2008. She is also the author of Sew WitchyThe Scent of Lemon & Rosemary, and The Natural Home Wheel of the Year. Visit her on Instagram: @idiorhythmic Website Books

Creativity is the act of creating, which is what’s important. It isn’t the outcome. 

Everyone is creative.
It is that spark that is in each of us, just like the witch energy that we can tap into. 
It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just… Express yourself.

As Raechel says, “Just by getting in tap with your creativity, it causes you to get in touch with your self-confidence, and by expressing your creativity, you are expressing your Soul. It can bre scary. But more often than not, you will feel better.. do the process. Dont’ get caught up in the outcome. That connection does empower your soul.

Add some magic into your life!

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


PS…Reserve your spot today for the Energy Mastery Virtual Retreat.

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February 16, 2024


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