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As this podcast goes to air It’s the Luna New Year also known as the Chinese New Year. We welcome in the Year of the Drago. The term ‘Lunar New Year’ is increasingly used to refer to festivals in other countries that take place at the same time and with many of the same traditions as in China. The terms are interchangeable.

Lunar New Year (or Spring Festival) is really the broader description of the celebration of the new year based on the lunar calendar.

While celebrations vary across the several Asian countries that participate in Lunar New Year, you can definitely expect tons of “lucky” foods and a generally stunning celebration, lots of red envelopes filled with money, and people wishing for good health, wealth, and prosperity.

Lanterns, envelopes, and dumplings. Oh my!

Celebrate with traditional foods like dumplings, which symbolize good luck and health.  And the popular long noodle dishes, longevity noodles, are meant to represent a long life. As the new year begins, it’s a culinary blessing for everyone who eats the dish. Another way of wishing good health, wealth, and prosperity is by giving or receiving red envelopes filled with money which is a way of wishing good health, wealth, and prosperity.

And lastly, to honor this day open you doors to let good luck enter.

Take a few moments and follow the channeled meditation so that you can align your energy with all this good fortune coming in.

Call in dragon energy to bring forward your wealth. Bring some of that magic your way and have fun!  

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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February 9, 2024


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