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As this podcast goes to air we are moving through the Full Moon in Virgo which brings in some grounding for all of us. The depth of winter can be isolating and lonely even creating some depression, but the light is returning.  The interesting thing about this Full Moon is that it is what is called a Micro Full Moon, meaning this full moon is when the Moon’s orbit is farthest away from Earth. This offers you time to focus in on your intentions.  Where can you go in deep into the dreams that have been calling to you from winter?

What small micro steps can you take to help you move through this last part of winter?

We’ve also moved into Pisces season, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions representing both the light and dark, which we need to experience all of life to learn and grow. Pisces is deep, sensitive and wise with these energies. It’s the last of the zodiac wheel.

With this energy you may be noticing that there is a lot of chaos and struggle in the world along with the awakening and inspiring energies of the new season ahead. You may be feeling this push-pull of energy. It can create mixed messages for you…

You want to open up, yet you feel caught in the deeper layers of your Spirit, which has created a comfort zone for you.  The depth of winter can feel like this.

Yes, you want to get outside. Yes, you want warmer weather.  But, the old patterns and even some  victim energy pulls you back and keeps you stuck.

I talked about this last week and where I feel my shadows creating that victim consciousness.  But naming it.. bringing awareness to it.. being present is so valuable in helping to heal it. Honestly, the “Bless her Heart Poor Terri” energy only showed up once last week. And it moved quickly.

Our shadows do teach us. 

The Full moon .. Micro or not.. pulls on your energy. It does affect your Aura, especially if you are an Empath. Did you know that Empaths have different auras than others?  Your Auras can pull this excess emotional energy in and then become drained by it.

Want to learn more about the Aura of an Empath?  Join me for my next Masterclass on March 6th. If you are highly sensitive to the emotions and energies of the cosmos and others and you find yourself absorbing and experiencing the feelings of those around you, this Masterclass is for you.  

In this episode, I continue the discussion on ways to add magic and self-care into your life right now.  My guest is Laurel Woodward.  Her latest book  is called Wellness Witchery: A Magickal Approach to Nourishing the Body, Mind & Spirit.

We talk about being present, adding small meditations, little bits of magic, and how your thoughts and energy become a part of the formula; we have what we need all around us, getting outside, and crafting your way to a higher quality of life by integrating a magickal mindset. 

Laurel Woodward is a writer, gardener, and cook living a magickal life in the Pacific Northwest. She has been following a solitary, Nature-centric practice for more than 20 years. She is the author of Kitchen Witchery, Backyard Garden Witchery, and Wellness Witchery. She has written for magazines and ezines on the subjects of healthy living, organic gardening, sustainable living, and the magick of tapping into creative energy. Website Llewellyn Books Instagram Facebook

The sun is coming back. Take simple steps to prepare:

  • Shed winter diet
  • Clean up habits
  • Prepare the body, mind, spirit
  • Find invigorating herbs to enliven your energy 
  • We all respond differently so decide what you like 
  • Be present as you place your intentions into what you are creating.
  • Focus into it
  • Our thoughts become part of whatever we are applying them to 

Meet a plant ally:

  • Chamomile – sedative
  • Lemon balm – nervine
  • Lavender – nervine

Experiment and use it.

Consciousness is all around us outside. 

The Universe gifted all of us with this.

Plug into the divas – your local web of power. 

Get outside and experience it. It will help you have hope again. You lose your magic by not being present.

Small meditations can help you become aware of the present moment. That’s a huge first step in any magickal act. Laurel Woodward

Remember, you create your own energy.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


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PSS.. Hint… hint… The Aura of an Empath Masterclass Class is coming in March!

February 24, 2024


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