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As this podcast goes to air we have just moved through the last Full Moon of this year. We are moving through some of the darkest and shortest nights of the year.  It is a time that pulls our energy within, offering a time of introspection.

As this airs, I am actually in Teotihuaca, Mexico.

According to goggle.. this Mayan city in today’s Mexico has mysterious origins. It was massive, one of the first great cities of the Western Hemisphere. It is known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas, namely Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon.

I am going there to die.. not literally … but symbolically … the death of the ego.. the death of letting go of all the limiting beliefs I’ve been carrying around.  I am at a transition in my life.. And I am excited to be here… So my Spirit is going into recovery… so to speak.

I’m sure I will have lots to share when I get back.

I think it is an important time in humanity for us to be intentional about what we are doing and how we are connecting  with humanity.

Now is time to know how you process your energy. Are you using your energy in an and productive manner?

Or Are you finding yourself drained… tired… procrastinating,.. depressed or perhaps even fearful of how to move forward?

What are those energy drains?  And what are they causing you on a daily basis

Check out my latest quiz… The Dark Side of Energy Drains… you will uncover the evil archetype that is stealing your energy and how you can use the strengths of your archetype to raise the ceiling on your success in life. 

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When you work with the energy body, it helps you to release old patterns and all that old stuff. We don’t wanna be carrying that around, especially into the new year. 

In today’s episode,  I talk with Tisha Morris about her latest book. “The Missing Element. Hidden Strength”.  In this episode, we talk about Taoism, Feng shui, the 5 elements, what’s missing, and how to apply the natural strengths of all five elements to unlock your full creative potential.

Tisha Morris is an entertainment attorney, self-help author, and feng shui expert. Tisha holds a degree in law, economics, and interior design with certifications in yoga, feng shui, and coaching. She advises and represents clients using her entrepreneurial experience, legal and publishing expertise, intuition, and practical wisdom to help clients realize their potentials, clear blocks, and strategize for optimal success. Tisha is originally from Nashville and is now based in Los Angeles. When not representing clients, Tisha lives in Ojai, CA with her wife, poodle, and two stepcats, and works on becoming a legal thriller novelist one day. You can visit Tisha at www.tishamorris.com.       Quiz

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We talk about:

Taoism as a way of life.

The 5 Elements 

What the Missing Element and the primary element reveal about you?

The Creative Process

As Tisha explains to us… “While all five Chinese elements are contained within our energy system, we each embody a primary element, which defines our natural strengths, and a weak or missing element, which reflects our untapped potential. When you embrace your missing element—water, wood, fire, earth, or metal—you can pull yourself out of a rut and bring more harmony and success into your life and work.”

It is so important to go within and ask yourself these questions.

The cave you fear to enter Is your greatest treasure. 

Finding balance and being in tune with the cycles of nature, will help each of us innately exist in collobration with all life.

It's time to turn your missing element into your hidden strength.

It is fascinating to reveal this information and then apply it to your life.

Check out the podcast, take her quiz, and get her book!

It's time to uplevel your work and how you show up in the world.

Monetize your energy for success!

Happy holidays!

To your Spirit,

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December 10, 2022


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