A Method that helps you to Develop a daily Spiritual Practice that you will come back to over and over again!

The 21-Day Radiant Light Method will help you get back your radiance .

You will build your practice as you reach the milestones to getting back your radiance so that you can shine your light and be brilliant in your day.  

Throughout these 21 days, we are live everyday offering the foundation and set up for your practice. using the RITES.

You will begin to feel grounded and focused, find your strength by regaining your boundaries, raise you energy levels as you raise your frequency and feel connected to your Spirit so that you can Radiate your Light .... all in only 21 minutes a day.

If you hear yourself saying these things.  .... I'm a wreck ...   I spend all my time helping everyone else...
I'm always drained of energy...  I've lost my spiritual practice.... I never have enough time....
I don't even trust my intuition anymore....  I have all these energy tools, certifications but I haven't even used them in months...I don't know where to start.

If you relate to any of the above statements, perhaps it's time to  jumpstart your Spiritual Practice.

Yes.. its been several hard years. The pandemic changed just about everything. And now you may be feeling the after effects. It is easy to lose the very things that make us feel better. We replace these things with habits, vices, and distractions.
Even when we know better!   

 You are probably empathic in your nature and that is wreaking havoc on your life, too. When you take everyone else's energy, you lose the power of your energy.

Have you been living in your head and churning the same thoughts over and over????
It can get overwhelming in what to do and where to start ...  so you don't do anything. 

The Radiant Light Challenge
Winter 2023
Activate your Radiance for Abundance

21 Days to Abundance with Reiki

 It is with this method that I have pulled myself up and onward, stronger and better.

THE radiant Light method

It's time to move along the Wheel of Life and find the direction of the North - Winter. 
Winter energy is all about honoring your ancestors, bringing in wisdom and guidance, opening up to your dreams and visions.
 Time to begin again...  to see your life from the perspective of possibilities...
One step at a time... bring forth these possibilities for your path.

I've been there... lost my spark... lost my faith... not once but several times along my path.  

All in one APP you download on your phone. Click on the link below....

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Black Friday Special

Black Friday Special includes:

1) THE radiant Light method
2) Energy Mastery MEMBERSHIP
3) The Empaths WAy to Surviving the Holiday Season

It's time to honor You!

I truly believe that the greatest thing each of us can do right now is to work on our own healing.  It is easy to blame others or stay stuck in old patterns, but in this shifting world, we are being asked to be more in alignment with our Soul Purpose.  

This 21 Day Radiant Light Challenge will definitely help you Get your Spiritual Practice going.  Our focus... starting Jan 1, 2023 ...
is Radiating Your Light - Attracting Abundance with Reiki!

Energy Mastery Membership
1st Month Free!

The Energy Mastery Membership includes :
- Live Teachings each week 
- New And Full Moon meditations
- (1) virtual private session a month
- RITES for each month including REIKI meditations and hand positions, INTUITION tools to build your skills, TAROT Talk and Layouts, EFT - tap out the limited beliefs and Stones and crystals for the season.
We'll also work with power animals and journeys through the Wheel of Life.
- Accountability
- Community
- Support 
- Intuitive teaching zoom call each week after the 21 daily challenge has finished.
- Self Study Programs include Setting up your Spiritual Practice - You Intuitive Gifts - Meditations 
And bonuses:
- Live: Winter Sacred Space 
 Live: Closing out 2022   
Live: Vision Boards - 2203


The Empath's Way:
Surviving the Holidays

Holidays can be challenging… when all we want is a warm, loving .. “Hallmark” holiday without all the judgment, anxiety, and stress.

It's easy to take in all the family criticism, and their judgments on you and then become overwhelmed.

The holidays can add lots of stress with so much to do, not to mention the holiday eating!

As Empaths, we can become vulnerable to all the energy around us and take it in especially if we aren't aware of our energy system.

Learning a few tip and techniques can go along way in getting through the holiday season.

" I love having all the programs in one place.  It makes it so easy to continue my daily practice."  Gina C.

"I love have the ability to go watch the replays and practice the techniques as often as I want."

"I love knowing I have an Energy  Session with Terri each month to work on whatever I need to work on."

"I love the 21 Day Challenge!  It holds me accountable to my daily spiritual practice."

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you and the teachings you provide. My entire life I’ve also blocked my intuitive gifts. Growing up in rural Alabama many people put negative connotations associated with spirit and energy worlds. Being very apprehensive about honing into my gifts you created a safe space to learn. I am allowed to ask questions and express my thoughts without judgement. By allowing the judgement free zone you have allowed me to truly open myself up to learning. 
Thank you so much for producing a positive program!"

"Part of my personal challenge has been a consistent morning meditation....the Radiant Light Challenge helped make it a habit. The daily meditations were (are) inspiring and set a foundation for my day. I still go back and listen to these when I meditate.  So glad I participated!" 
 Ally Leonard



Get Black Friday Special Offering!
Only $133


Get Black Friday Special Offering!