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As this podcast goes to air, the moon is waxing as we come into the last Full Moon of this year.  The Gemini Full Moon is, fortunately, the least emotional. This Full Moon is an opportunity to open your mind and energy to new vibrations that promise to usher in change over the next year. 

Gemini energy represents the duality of the Universe that is present within all of us. It is a mirror to our own changing energy and shows us how paradoxical life can become. If you’ve ever felt two emotions simultaneously or felt pulled in two directions, you were embodying the energy of Gemini. 

As you work with this Full Moon, feel where your energy has become divided. Where is your mind saying one thing, but your heart is saying another? Where are you feeling indecisive or insecure in your decisions? This Full Moon is a time to communicate with yourself and others. 

Now is the time to know how you process your energy. Are you using your energy in a productive manner?  Or are you finding yourself drained… tired… procrastinating,.. depressed, or perhaps even fearful of how to move forward?

Where are those energy drains?  And what are they causing you on a daily basis?

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In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about my spiritual journey and how it has led me to do the work I do. We all have a story. Many times we feel like our story doesn’t matter.  My hope is that by my sharing my story I have helped you see that you can go within to get to the root cause for relief and the ability to grow as you create a daily Spiritual Practice.

The one thing I learned was to continually show up for me.  The next thing I learned was to create a sacred space that I could come to every day. 

But the most important thing…..

Don’t be too busy for your Spirit. 

Come join us in the Energy Mastery App for the Radiant Light Challenge.  January 1st is a good day to start a challenge.

Be empowered.

Learn to Master your Energy in 2023.  It’s yours .. why not?  Join us for this next challenge.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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December 3, 2022


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