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As this podcast goes to air we have moved into the sun sign of Gemini. Gemini is mutable, adaptable in its approach to life, shifting its attention to whatever is in the here and now.

Ruled by Mercury, it is inquisitive, communicative, and magical. The Twins remind us to be understanding and think outside the box. To intuit your surroundings and integrate the things you feel in your immediate environment. You understand that your ability to communicate is a gift.

Gemini energy allows your to  prioritize fluidity and flexibility,  \to mend your heart as much as your mind,  realizing that you are allowed to change, which is one of your greatest powers.

And as I call it shapeshift your energy for the new season ahead.

There are so many ways we can do this. My approach combines a little shamanism with energy psychology … GAP Tapping™ ,  visioning and dreaming while learning to get out of the gap of where you are and where you want to be .. to holding your vision.

This time of year as the temperature rise and layers of clothing comes off, it’s a time that can bring up even more insecurities in our body.  For me it’s swimsuit season with the outdoor pools opening up.. and yikes.. the body confidence is at play.

Do you suffer with this? Do this add another level of stress and panic to your day?  Do you walk into your clothes closet and have a panic attack or perhaps start the critical talk?  Nothing fits.. I look horrible.. these jeans really make me notice this muffin top.. yeah I could go on… I’ve been there.. said it all to myself.. but the truth is.. it doesn’t work. Famous researcher Dr. Brene Brown talks about this.. when we shame ourselves It perpetuates the cycle.  We continue doing the same behavior over and over.

It’s time to break the cycle.

Every year around this time, I start to stress about that bathing suit. I love to swim in the cool waters with the sun on my back so I know it’s important for me to shape up without the shame and “fat talk” as I’ve  talked about  It’s time to find ways to shapeshift this energy and empower that inner voice to feel inspired to take action. 

I know I am an empath, and recognizing I am also an emotional eater helped me to get out of the gap from where I was to where I wanted to be.  This is how I created the ground breaking energy psychology technique called GAP-Tapping™.

Gap tapping™ is based on the Emotional Freedom Technique, but going deeper and looking at what traps you in that gap… all that stuff that you have associated with the foods you love to binge on and cravings that keep you in front of the refrigerator at night. 

The GAP holds deep stuff, and that is what we target in my 7 weeks of Soul Work: ShapeShifting course.  Shapeshifting out of the old patterns that keep you stuck into the Wild Woman of Summer. .. an archetypal energy that helps you break the habits, shape up, and feel inspired to live your dreams. 

Summer is about fun and growth and brings forward the divine feminine. Why not turn it into an adventure with some shamanic tools and energy psychology techniques? It’s not too late to join us.  i We begin on Wednesday, May 29th. Click here for more information.

In today’s episode, I continue this idea of shifitng and changing out of old habits into better ones with my guest, Dr. Susan Perry.  Her book, The Hidden Power of Aikido helps you transcend conflict and cultivate inner peace.  She began this practice because she wanted to quit smoking and find better things to do with her time and energy. 

In this episode we talk about what Aikido is, what it means, real-life applications for self-transformation, conflict resolution, and joy.  And how Aikido can help, peacefully, resolve difficulties that arise with intimidating and unpredictable people.

Susan Perry, Ph.D., has practiced Aikido for nearly 50 years. She holds a Rokudan (6th-degree blackbelt) in Aikido, a doctorate in philosophy, and a Godan (5th-degree blackbelt) in Japanese calligraphy. Best known for founding and publishing Aikido Today Magazine, she is now president of Aiko Institute. A former assistant professor in the California State University system, she lives in Claremont, California.

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A Ki Ado – Fitting …Energy.. Way

The way of harmonious energy.

Rei – Universal  Ki – energy

Budo – fighting spirit 

Protective Arts – to make peace was translated as Martial Arts

Aikido teaches….I am the Universe – We are one with the energy of the universe and all that is similar to us all. Drops all the division that separates people.

Class – learning how to protect oneself

Connect wit the energy of the person that is bringing something to you.

Be aware of the space in between… the space and you and someone else. A lot going on in that gap.

Biochi – bad chi

Flixiblity – ablity to change. 

Inflexible mind – body not willing to bend and cange

Bendy mind – no center or a place of strength – pushed around

Chudo – middle path

Being in a world of conflict – it starts with ourselves.  Making ourselves open to deal with people of conflict.

Physical practice is important – conflict is held in the body and offers a place to start working.

How can a Martial Art be non-competitive? By helping you learn how to embrace change and be In tune with the natural forces.

Philosophy isn’t the same as religion. Aikido is not a religion.

Standing your ground – doesn’t mean being a fighting spirit n the world but being yourself. 

Aikido can open you up to more compassion to understand your neighbors, and to be a steward of the Natural Forces. – Susan Perry, PhD.

It isn’t religion but more a philosophy of life with all it’s hidden secrets. We do need to become stewards of the natural world and provide loving protection to all living things.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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May 25, 2024


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