“Empaths have an extremely reactive neurological system and don’t have the same filters that other people do to block out stimulations.’  Dr. Judy Orloff

As an Empath, I tend to absorb into my body both the positive and stressful energies around.

I tend to take on everyone’s emotions.  

My emotional body gets overloaded which in turn affects my mental state.

I feel drained.  

Many times I can’t even understand my emotions.  

It’s unsettling. 

Growing up, I was often told to get a thicker skin, quit my crying, and to stop being so sensitive. Often, I was shamed for being this way.

I confess, I never knew I was an Empath until in my 40’s.

I knew I was sensitive but didn’t know the difference between being sensitive and being an Empath.

What I’ve learned is that the difference between sensitive and empathic is that Empaths take on the emotions in the body as if it is their own feelings and they can’t tell the difference. Whereas Super- Sensitive people can tell the difference and know the energy is not theirs.

There have been a lot of studies around empathy and now there is even Science that explains it, thanks to Dr. Orloff, and others’ work.

  • The mirror neuron system in the brain is responsible for compassion and Empaths are thought to have hyper-responsive mirror neurons that deeply resonate with other people’s feelings. They are feeling more.
  • The electromagnetic fields of an empath are highly charged with stronger emotional and physical responses.
  • Introverted empaths need less dopamine to feel happy because they have an increased dopamine sensitivity.. mainly because they are very content with alone time needing less external stimulation from social gatherings. 
  • Synesthesia is another reason. This is where two different senses are paired in the brain. For example, seeing color when you hear music or actually tasting words. You are feeling and having sensations at the same time.

Having skills as an Empath to understand these differences is so important, especially in trusting your intuition. Without training and knowing how to use energetic boundaries, you can take in too much energy and be all other the place, not knowing whose energy you have. 

Sometimes people look at Empaths as a bad thing, but really there are a lot of great qualities about being empathic. They’re naturally spiritually attuned, compassionate, sensitive, and good listeners.

Untrained and not knowing, Empaths tend to absorb the impact of stressful emotions. It can trigger panic attacks, depression, food/sex/drug binges, and an excess amount of physical symptoms that defy traditional medical diagnosis, from fatigue to anxiety to autoimmune disorders.

So how do you know if you’re an empath?

A few questions you can ask yourself.

  • Have you ever been labeled as too emotional? 
  • What about being overly sensitive?
  • If a friend is distraught, do you start feeling it too? 
  • Are your feelings easily hurt? 
  • Are you emotionally drained by crowds? 
  • Do you require time alone to revive?
  • Do your nerves get jarred by noise, smells, or excessive talk?
  • Do you overeat to cope with emotional stress? 
  • Are you afraid of becoming engulfed by intimate relationships? 
  • How much emotional energy are you taking on for others and how are you sending your emotional energy out? 

Right around that full moon, you might start to notice that your sleep is disrupted and your dreams become more vivid.

It’s a time to take care of yourself during this phase of the moon.

Realize it’s okay that sometimes you’re gonna be tired or that it’s gonna be draining, and find that sacred space for yourself to sit, relax, refresh, and renew your energy during this cycle. People with these empathic abilities not only have their own individual sense of overwhelming this time, but they’re also picking up on all the overwhelming bliss of those around them.

This happens all day, every day, but around the full Moon, it feels multiplied. In fact, most empaths s don’t realize that they are Empaths and they have a difficult time as the moon grows in light. Realizing that only a fraction of their emotions really belongs to them is very beneficial. This is why training and learning about these abilities are super empowering, which is why I started teaching this in my programs.

Untrained, this can create havoc on the body. This can open up so much energy and it can be very draining for you.

Here are 7 tips to help you align with the Full Moon:

  1. Follow the cycles of the moon and know when the moon is going to be full
  2. Know what sign it is in and know what sign you are and what sign your moon is in  This alone will teach you a lot about yourself.
  3. Plan some time to be alone and create a ceremony
  4. Freshen up your sacred space
  5. Gather your favorite crystals – crystals are our allies.. and can help absorb some of this for you… 
  6. Pull some Tarot or oracle cards and Journal your thoughts and especially your feelings
  7. Connect with Mother Earth as you Align with the Moon and Radiate your light

So as you move through this full moon and all the cosmic forces, check in with your energy. Check-in with your boundaries, and the boundaries with others. This will provide a healthy and better aligned and Empowered Spirit.

Bring in the intuitive energy that Aquarius offers.  Open your mind.  Stand in your power that Leo Moon opens you up to.

Place one hand over your solar plexus and the other hand on top of it… breathe.  

Want to go a little deeper? Listen to the complete podcast and follow along with the meditation. Click here.

Thanks for listening!

To your Spirit,


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February 4, 2023


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