As this podcast goes to air we are in the waning phase of the moon with lots of transits going on in the cosmos breaking up the status quo.  Can you feel this in your own life? I know I do. Little by little I am seeing shifts in my life and finding more joy

We are in a time of evolution and change is occurring.  How you adapt is a big part of this.  Getting out of your comfort zone and breaking free of your old fears is very important.

Finding ways to tend to the struggles of your life with the RITES for your everyday life can add inspiration and amusement, and joy.

Rites being Reiki… Intuition…Tarot…EFT and Stones & crystals.

As we move through these comic transitions, now is the time to clean up your energy with an Energy Clearing session.  Schedule one in person or online. When you work with the energy body, it helps to release the old patterns and all that old stuff.  

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In today’s episode, I want to talk about a subject I know I have struggled with for many years, actually my entire life. 

Food… Eating. 

Do you feel guilty about eating good food?

I know this time of year… new year’s resolution… coming to the end of winter… spring on the way… many of us start to restrict what we are eating. In our culture, pure, simple yet tasty food is hard to find.

My guest Emily Francis brings her view on eating in her latest book, The Taste of Joy. We talk about being shamed for our weight, eating habits, how you are soulfully feeding your life, what are the seeds you are planting, happiness, why many resist happiness, farming, the simple yet powerful tastes of lemons, limes, good salt, olives, gratitude and so much more that go into making amazing meals to enjoy.

Emily A. Francis is a highly sought-after speaker, bestselling author, and wellness expert with an array of education and experience spanning over 25 years. Her knowledge of the body and the body/mind connection is extensive, and her commitment to total body, mind, and spirit wellness is her driving force. Emily has a BS in Exercise Science and Wellness, a minor in nutrition, and a Master’s degree in Physical Education/Human Performance. She hosts the internet radio show “All About Healing” on Healthy Life Radio. In moving to Malta, Emily has become deeply involved with local food production on the island. She writes a regular column titled “Emily in Malta,” in the local tourism magazine Oh My Malta, where she interviews local farmers, fishermen, and chefs on single-ingredient farming. Her latest book, The Taste of Joy: Mediterranean Wisdom for a Life Worth Savoring brings her to the show today.

Website Book Instagram  Facebook Emily in Malta

Watching the way things grow can be applied to your life.

What is that seed you want to plant to nourish your soul?

What little steps can you take to shake things up and create joy in your meals and in your life?

Be happy, wildly happy without the fear.

Like Emily, you can move out of your comfort zone and find something really fantastic…even without going to Malta to do it.  Find your local farmers.. talk to them about the way in which they are growing their produce.  Get back to Mother Earth.

Walden Farmacy . Lovelight Farms

Definitely check out Emily’s book!

If you are struggling with emotional eating, schedule a call, and let’s figure out how to break this cycle for you.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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February 11, 2023


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