People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser with Tracy Secombe

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As this podcast goes to air, we are coming into the fullest light of the season.  The light of the moon is growing and in this hemisphere, we are coming to the longest day, the summer solstice.

We’ve entered into the Gemini season with lots of cosmic forces going on.

It is a time of growth. Of understanding your energy and your connection to your Spirit and how you show up in the world. 

Knowing your Spirit in this lifetime.. is deep. It’s what connects you to your Soul… the soul that journeys with you from lifetime to lifetime. 

It’s easy to get disconnected.  To get hurt by life’s experiences, your expectations.. your thoughts your feelings.   It is a cycle. We cover up our emotions. We cover up what we really want to say. 

We live from a place of trying to fit in.. to do what is “expected” .. to want to please others for our own validation.  Which is the subject on today’s show… People Pleasing.

Please pleasing is a drain of energy… a subject I’ve been teaching all season in The Energy Mastery App.  It has been quite powerful to break down the different archetypes that drain us of our energy.   As Empaths, it is easy to get caught in other people’s energy and to lose our own knowing.  As we are seeing in the class, once you have the awareness, you can use that awareness to break the patterns and create stronger bounties for yourself.

We often get caught in the struggles.. hardships, and we think we can’t get find a way out but we can.

You can choose to make those shifts.. find tools to help … go deep into your Spirit and begin to live the dreams .. you want to live.

I’ve been there.. feeling I was at the bottom.. moving through the end of life with my parents.. then right into covid.. relationship breaks up .. trying to pull my life back .. asking the big questions… listening for the answers… rebuilding my spiritual practice..

If you are wondering how to even begin (there is so much information out there)  schedule a Spiritual Makeover Call with me.  I have a few new openings in my private mentoring. Soon I’ll be opening my Energy Mastery Membership again so let’s see, on this call, what you can do to get Let’s see if my programs are a match for you.

In today’s episode, I was so excited when I saw this new book out .. From Pleasing to Soul Pleasing, that I wanted to have Tracy Secombe, the author, on the show to talk about this and offer her perspective on this subject. 

I see people pleasing as an archetype or influence of energy that tends to run our life and drain us of our true selves.  It takes a lot of energy to always be pleasing.  In this episode we talk about what people pleasing is, how it can come about, what we are really looking for, the effects, and 6 steps to turn this around for you.

Author, Personal Development and Business Coach, Public Speaker, and Founder of Soul Pleaser®️ Tracy Secombe is the author of From People Pleaser to Soul Pleaser®️, the culmination of her personal transformation and experience with those she has coached through her professional programs. After building many successful businesses, Tracy finally has found a way to serve others without sacrificing her own well-being. She welcomes you to join her on your personal journey of discovery. She lives by the ocean in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband, three children, and two border collies. 

You can download Tracy’s free 60-second emotion switch here: https://go.soulpleaser.com/optin 

Join the Soul Pleaser community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulpleaser 

Learn more about Tracy’s coaching services here: https://www.tracysecombe.com.au. 

6 steps:

  1. Wake up – awareness of behavior
  2. Surrender – let go of doing it alone – connect with spirit
  3. Follow your signs – roadmap intuitive guidance
  4. Remember who you are – connection to Spirit – raises the vibration
  5. Be you – integrate it
  6. Experience Bliss

Discipline – connect to Spirit – make this your priority –

Empower the Spirit – Let go of the need for other people to validate you.

You are always worthy!

Check out Tracy’s work and get her book!

Time to stop the energy drains and monetize your energy to live your dreams.

Ready to build a soulful practice for you?  Schedule a Spiritual Makeover call with me and let’s talk about how you can get started creating the life you want instead of carrying on old patterns.

Thanks for listening.

To your Spirit,


May 27, 2023


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