As this podcast goes to air we are moving into the Spring Equinox which begins on March 20th. 

There are so many changes and shifts going on in the Universe.  There is an underlying vibration of chaos which perpetuates the isolation and lonliness in the world.  Sometimes it can feel easiery to stay in our own world rather then open up especially if you are feeling vunerable in your energy. And even moreso if you are an Empath and sensitive to others.

The tendency is to stay in your own bubble… harboring these feelings.. wounding in your blame or shame.. feeling like a victim to life.

I understand.  Let’s just drop that right here…

I understand.

I have been there.  Many winters past I have felt this with lots of resistance to open up.

But not anymore. 

I have broken this pattern. 

And now.. I am available to help you do the same. I have created the Radiant Light Method…the very method I used to help me process this energy, recognize my victim energy, understand my boundaries.. what I take in and what I put out… and how to reset my energy so that I can be empowered to take charge of my life. 

This very same method is now my Soul.work 101 program.. the Radiant Light Method which begins on the Equinox, Wed, March 20th.

The Season of Spring is all about radiating your light and planting your seeds of manifesting.

Have you had some classes in energy work, maybe a Reiki certification, crystal energy?

Do you recognize that you are empathic but don’t really know how to work with the energy body to align your vibration?

Do you get drained easily by other people’s energy?

If you answered yes, this program is for you.

We begin with the basic yet powerful… and the key to understanding how to feel the aura so that you can create healthy energy boundaries.

Did you know that the aura of an Empath is quite different from the aura of other people?

If you want to know more about how the program works and about your Aura, my Masterclass The Aura of Empath is happening again on March 17th. Experience the class and see how this can help you. Click here. Hint: I always offer bonuses for showing up to the Masterclass!

In today’s epsiode, I wanted to talk about a teaching from the Medicine Wheel – spring Energy.

Spring, as I teach in the Medicine Wheel, is in the direction of the East, where the sun rises and where we look for inspiration to begin.  

This new direction offers you hope to start again and to plant new seeds for your path.

The powers of the East that come in for Spring are new beginnings and change allowing you to take that step forward into a new world of possibilities and to look forward to what lies ahead.

The element of Spring is Fire!  Lighting your soul … igniting the passion of your purpose.

The Qualities are clear vision, intentions, and the consciousness of light. In this direction, knowledge comes to consciousness. As we walk into the East, we walk in a new world.. a world filled with hope and anticipation for things yet to come.

So often, I see people setting their new intention on the calendar new year.. but this hasn’t allowed for the growth that your dreams of winter bring in.  Now is the time to awaken to these new possitilibies as you image yourself opening your door to this direction as the sun rises everyday.  Welcome these new possibilities now and set net intentions for what you want to grow.

The plant associated with the direction of the east is tobacco. In many native traditiaons, tobacco is an offering of gratitude to mother earth. It is considered sacred and when smoked in it’s purest forms clears the ind, calem the soul and helps you attune to the energies of Earth,

In the sacred sweat lodge, we take tobacco close to our hearts, offer our intentions and release it into the fire. It becomes a sacred act of intention .

One of The stone associated with the East is amber, a fossilied resin. An array of colos but most comon is a honey colored stone.  Amber helps to relieve the negative energies and brings cleansing and renewal.

Our power animal and messenger totem is Eagle, the ruler of the air, representing power, is vision, power and success.  Eagle inspires you to reach higher and become more than you think you are capable of. Eagle energy brings the message of being courageous and really stretching your limits and seeing what you can do. Eagle brings a sense of courage and a desire to explore and grow.

We can expand the power animals to all winged creatures reminding you to fly high as you set your new intentions.

The powers of the East are new directions and change. As you walk in the East, your physical abilities come forth as you learn and grow.

It is time to step forward into a new world of wonder and excitement. It is a time to look forward to what lies ahead and to embrace the future with hope and anticipation.

Take some time to pause.. center, and follow the meditation to set intentions for this new season as you open up to the messages I channeled for this time.

The key to manifesting is to be present, release any judgments, and see it as already happening. Believe in you!

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


PS… The Aura of an Empath is on March 17th.

PSS.. The Radiant Light Method begins March 20th.

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March 16, 2024


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