As this podcast goes to air, we are in the energy of a full mooning Virgo… and finally out of mercury retrograde. 

As we make our way through this Full Moon, feel into any parts of yourself that do not feel worthy. 

Feel your soul and ask it what it wants to give to the world. Virgo is the sign of service. This energy helps us contribute to healing and raising the vibration of the collective.

Throughout this month ask yourself what you are here to give. Use your intuition to understand what energies you want to bring forward as we will soon open up to Spring.

We just moved into Pisces season. Pisces teaches us that we are all connected through the universal consciousness, with the Universe itself living through each one of us.

You are the source of your Divine Light.

All of this I talk about on my energy focus for the week, which you can find live on Sunday night on Instagram.  

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In today’s episode, I wanted to bring the story or an amazing young woman to you in hopes that by sharing her story, you will recognize that we all have the ability to shift and change and create a healing state of being. I talk with Haley Castellano about mental health, medication as a way to numb the symptoms, Spiritual Development and finding the path that can come forward as you start to bring all the levels of the body into health.

Haley is a graduate student at a naturopathic medical school for clinical nutrition, as well as a fitness coach and  psychic. Together, she is able to assist others to create their dream life full of health, strength, and clarity.

Years back, her life  looked like trauma, medication, mental health issues, and the overuse of substances. She found herself lost and hurt.

She made massive changes, flipped her habits upside down, and completely changed her life. She lost 20 pounds, fell in love with healthy food, and found her connection to spirit that had been covered up for so long. She now created her ideal reality. 

Instagram: @halecastcoach

Spiritual Awakenings can happen at any time… crisis or not.

A Spiritual Awakening is a call to higher consciousness and deeper mental awareness.

The process brings about personal transformation and a shift in one’s view of their surroundings.

Going through a spiritual awakening, you can experience a shift, as Hailey did, in your mental framework, lifting your entire perspective of life.

As you find the guidance and create a Spiritual Practice, you will be able to bring your life into balance one piece of the puzzle at a time, creating a complete health and wellness on all levels of the body.

It is possible.

That’s what a Spiritual Practice can do for you.

I’m on a mission to help make Spiritual work a first step, not a last resort.

Ready to get started on your Spiritual journey? Schedule an Intuitive Clarity Session which will help you get started understanding your Spirit and the tools you need. Together, let’s create that “Medicine” for you.

To your Spirit!


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February 27, 2021


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