As this podcast goes to air, we are in the energy Pisces with all the planets moving direct.

It’s a time to reach deep into your soul and find that energy of your dreams and visions to bring forward.

You are the source of your Divine Light. That wise soul energy is within you.

The best way to tap into knowing your dreams is to create your spiritual practice. Finding the time to sit and go within yourself… and connect with your spirit will help you understand where you are right now.

All of this I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week, which you can find live on Sunday night on Instagram and Facebook.

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In today’s episode, I talk to Missy Campbell about Human Design, a system that brings together principles of astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakras to create a system that acknowledges & celebrates the uniqueness in each human… no two charts are alike.

Human Design is a beautiful tool for self awareness. 

We all have had expectation put on us by the world, be it society, religion, culture or our families. We have been told who to be and who not to be.

Human Design helps you to shed what isn’t yours so the real you can shine and exist with flow and acceptance.

It’s a great tool for helping you understand others, have compassion for them and appreciate that there is no one “right” way to live life.

Missy Campbell is  the Business Minimalist. She is a Human Design for Business expert, a Pinterest expert and a coach for Intentional Entrepreneurs ready to grow an intention-aligned, soul-satisfying business. Find her at https://tasteofsimple.com/. Instagram Facebook. Pinterest




Basics in understanding Human Design:

4 types:

Manifestor- 9% 

Generator 70%

Projector – 20%

Reflector – 1%

Aura – the way we connect with others

Manifestor – closed and repellent 

Generators – big, magnetic, enveloping

Projector – Focused and absorbing 

Reflector – Sampling, mirroring 

2 Important things… 

Strategy – you being in the world without resistance

Manifestor- Inform 

Generators – Respond

Projector – Wait for invitation

Reflector – Waiting a lunar cycle


Manifestor- peace – anger

Generators- Satisfaction – frustration

Projector – success – bitterness

Reflector – surprise – disappointment

Authority – how to access what opportunities.

Emotional – solar – sleep on it

Sacral – gut – impulse

Spleen – intuition – decision making

Heart – ego 

G center – compass – life purpose

Environment – no inner authority

Moon – lunar authority

Defined and Undefined Centers

The gates and channels – profoundly moved – energetic cord of who you are

Founder: RA URU HU

12 Profile – Role on the stage of life

Incarnation Cross – fun to move through life and how it is woven into your life


Human design can help you to fully express yourself at a deeper level.

In this time of rapid change and pivoting your work and how you live your life, having a greater understanding of your Human Design can be so very helpful. 

Let go of any judgement and just allow yourself to be that unique vibration  of your Spirit.

I have to say this subject is so fascinating, that I am doing a part two episode with another Human Design expert next week to get even further into this system.

Reach out to Missy to schedule a session to find out more about your very own unique chart and how you can live with more self awareness.

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Thanks again for listening!

To your spirit,


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March 6, 2021


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