As this podcast goes to air, we just moved through the energy of a full moon in Scorpio.

The Scorpio Full Moon can be a very emotionally intense full Moon, and as a result, a very transformative time.

Scorpio is both divinely feminine and extremely powerful. This full moon will offer you the time to fully feel your feelings and tame the demons within, especially any self doubt. And it can help you to bring about your vision for the future, especially if you can take the time to go within.

It will stir up lots of emotions, but better than being stuck and held down…let those emotions flow. 

Take some time for you. Sometimes we have to bring up our deepest fears to understand the root of them… and this full moon can help you.

It was also the Wesak full moon…a time when holy and enlightened spiritual teachers gather in the Himalayas to honor the energy of Buddha and continue to raise the consciousness and the vibration of humanity.

You have probably been experiencing and noticing lots of shifts and changes.

Nothing is as it was…and truth be told…that is the teachings of Buddha … nothing stays the same.

In today’s episode, I talk with Joanna Mann of Walden Farmacy.  We talk about the gratitude for Mother Earth, what’s in your backyard, how growth without a pause is toxic, leaving a positive footprint versus no footprint and how creating more simple ways of living can open you up to a more peaceful existence that leads to opening the hearts of humanity.

Joanna Mann is a yogi, herbalist, energy healer, massage therapist, farmer, birth-worker and mother. Her path into healing began when she decided to abandon a more traditional life to pursue her happiness and reclaim her health. The stress of several years had built up—leaving her not feeling well physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. On the yoga mat is where she began to find her authentic self and it quickly became clear to her that she wanted to share this gift with others. So in 2006, she dropped out of law school and transitioned into teaching yoga. Her exploration of the healing arts continued with massage education in 2007.  In her last month of massage school, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and thus was pushed deeper into her personal hero’s journey.  Frustrated that the medicines used to control the arthritis made her sicker than the arthritis itself, she turned to diet and herbs. Even though Joanna found her healing with the use of herbs, she did not pursue an herbal career until a decade later when a visit to a sacred cave, an auspicious mushroom find, and a series of fortunate events made it clear to her there was a niche she was being called to fill. Her personal success started her on her unique path of working to connect people with themselves, with nature, and with their own innate intuitive abilities in order to propel them into greater happiness, healthiness, and holiness. 

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What is in your backyard?

Are you leaving a positive footprint?

Can there be a more natural way of getting to the root issues of what’s going on?

As we move through these times, taking a pause, connecting with Mother Earth, slowing down and stopping to smell the herbs… can make a difference for all humanity.

We can take this pause as a time to rise above and shift the consciousness for a greater good for all.

Finding a way for you to connect to your Spirit and making some simple, yet powerful changes in your lifestyle will help you through these challenges times.

Time to learn to raise your vibration, to ask important questions and to listen, deeply.

Venture into your own unconscious fears, needs, desires, and dreams and see what your Spirit has to offer you at this time.

Reach out if you need help. Schedule a Virtual Coffee and see what’s up for you.

To your Spirit,


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May 9, 2020


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