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Merry Christmas!

As this podcast goes to air, we are in the energies of the holiday season.

Ho ho ho … 

Maybe it is… maybe it isn’t… holidays can be…complicated.

But it is a time of great magnification for all humanity. When the heart opens with compassion and love so much can be accomplished.

It has been an intense year for all of us and this year has brought so much light to so many areas… personally and professionally.

We’ve just opened up to the Winter Season and the return of the light. It’s a time to go within and work with your Spirit. The new season along with the new year brings lots of inspiration forward helping you to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

You may not be able to change the past, but you can change the story you tell yourself about it.

Allow yourself time to slow down and pull your energy in to access your dreams and visions for the year ahead.

It is time to take a leap in consciousness. Get out of your comfort zone and break free of your old fears. 

Finding ways to tend to the struggles of your life  with the tools that offer you RITES for your everyday life can add inspiration, amusement and joy.

Rites being Reiki.. Intuition.. Tarot.. EFT and Stones and crystals.

These tools can free you from the unnecessary stress that Is going on in the world.

All these cosmic forces and energy alignments, I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week which you can find live on Sunday nights on Instagram and FB. 

As we move through these comic transitions, now is the time to clean up your energy with an energy clearing session.  Schedule one… in person or online. When you work with the energy body, it helps to release the old patterns and all that old stuff you carry around.

For when you start going within and connecting to your soul and your spirit, you will find your answers.  Empowered Spirit Private Mentoring Program.

Schedule a Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough call with me and let’s talk about how my programs can help you.

In today’s episode, I speak with Steph Blick from Steph B. Inspired. Steph and I met in Nashville in a Sweat Lodge.  Last month, sitting in the womb of Mother Earth, she offered us a beautiful blessing in her song.  It left me crying as it opened my heart.  The message that came through was about having a voice,  right now and using it for the highest good in raising consciousness, in healing and sharing this power which is my reason for wanting to bring Steph on the show.

We talk about music, the traditional therapy scene, spirituality and the importance it plays healing and recovery, the indigenous ceremony and what it means to be a Creative Healing Artist.

Singing came first for Steph Blick.  At a your age she was signed to a record label yet even though she was living he dream she was unhappy and felt like a puppet. She turned down a second album deal at seventeen and studied music at two prestigious music schools (Jazz Vocal Performance at The Frost School of Music/University of Miami and Songwriting at Berklee College of Music) before changing her major to Psychology and finishing up undergrad at Florida State University in 2010.   

After that, her life went off the rails for a little bit. She hit the road and embarked on what she now calls her beautiful nightmare. It started with intentional, nomadic living; camping in National Forests (Rainbow Gatherings), sharing songs and food with her brothers and sisters, and living in harmony with the Earth. She learned how to survive outside the system, literally. She was a traveler… and she panhandled and gas-jugged her way across the country and back. It was fun at first, and then it turned dark.

It turned dark because as she says… she was not a healthy human. She found herself in toxic relationships and  sought escape, excitement, and relief through substances. Her healing journey brought her to a treatment center near Nashville, TN that incorporated indigenous spiritual practices into the milieu. Had it not been for this, she says she does not think that her life would have re-calibrated so effortlessly.

Through her recovery, Steph decided to move to Nashville, TN. After a couple years, she began working at an alcohol & drug treatment center and eventually became licensed as an Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC-II). She went on to grad school and earned a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Loving the process of guiding people back to wholeness but not necessary the “behind the scenes” part of being a therapist, she left the traditional world of therapy. Today, Steph is a Creating Healing Artist focusing on her music and integrating her counseling with healing modalities.

Her EP… ”It Is What It Is” by Steph Blick is now available for download and streaming on all major platforms.

Website Facebook. Instagram. Music. YouTube

As Steph says, “Being authentic, knowing your truth, knowing your walk in life is so empowering for you and those around you.

It is time we all took a step forward in discernment… in knowing and checking in with the authenticity of who you are and the work you offer.

Check out Steph’s music.. and her offerings.

As I go to close this year, I want to say thank you to all my teachers, coaches and mentors.  So grateful for their support in all that I do. 

And most importantly, a huge thank you to you.. yes… YOU… for listening.

In a time when many of us are feeling like we are wandering and trying to help and teach and awaken… it can feel lonely talking into a microphone.. yet receiving messages and emails and comments back from you is so inspiring for me to continue on this path.

So thank you.. 

May your holiday be filled with lots of peace!

I’ll be back in the new year with more episodes on the Empowered Spirit Show.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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December 25, 2021


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