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As this podcast goes to air, we are moving through the Leo energy having just gone through the new moon and lion’s gate.  What a powerful time to activate your light body and raise your vibration to a new frequency.

We have the second full moon in the sun sign of Leo next week. 

So for now… continue to work with your intentions. Visualize them everyday. Feel into the elevated emotions that you want to feel as your intentions come forward

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In today’s episode, I wanted to start a series called Energy Matters. All too often I see people forgetting about their energy body. They will go to the gym or a yoga class, they will go to the salon, they will call the doc, but there seems to be some struggle around calling an energy healer.

Is this you?  

Having an energy healer in your life to work on your energy body is priceless for your complete health.

 I was just speaking with someone about her health… she had tested positive for Covid. She was like, do you think Reiki would help?

Do I think? I know it will!

Yet she didn’t schedule a session.

Why not? I don’t know.

What keeps you from booking an energy session when you are in trauma, emotional crisis  or poor health?  

When you work on the energetic layers, the chakras, the fields of energy, you will get to the root cause which will allow you the opportunity to remove the stuck energy… that’s what creates disease… disease in the body. Working with your Energy Body will help you to create a greater flow of energy which in turn keeps the body in a greater state of being.

So what I would like to do is break this down a little more and offer the RITES I use with my students as well as myself.

I haven’t really mentioned it, but after coming back from a road trip at the beginning of July, I tested positive for Covid. Now I had the Moderna vaccines… both of them. But I still picked this up somewhere… no one around me had it, not even my BF.

I began with the Energy Body and using these RITES to help me to heal, and then I reached out for the doctor.

RITES being an acronym for Reiki… Intuition… Tarot… Emotional Freedom Technique… and Stones

These energy practices and techniques all blend so well together. When I started not feeling well, Reiki was the first thing I began using. Lying in bed, using Reiki on myself allowed for my energy fields to open up and start flowing. Reiki is calming and brings the body back into balance. It may make you heat up in the body to get everything moving… but that’s a good sign.

Reiki allowed me extra time in bed to rest. And my trust in Reiki reassured me that this would help… just keep doing it.

Now, this past year I have gained new skills in Energy work that I layer in with the Reiki techniques offering some visualization, virtual light, gamma consciousness and advanced chakra work… all of which directs and focuses the subtle body for a big, deep cleaning.

Once I got my energy flowing, I used my Intuition to help me interpret the signs and what my body was telling me. Yes, you can use intuition for your body… to imagine the cells… and direct the wellness.

I turned to my Tarot cards when I kept questioning what I needed to do. And then EFT to get rid of the fear and drama that Covid brings. Ohh I added in some vitamins.  

I also used some Stones and Crystal with Reiki, a protocol by one of my amazing students with super crystal powers. Yes… Summer that is you!? Haha… she listens to the show.

We used lots of selenite on the sinuses.. malachite.. azurite.. copper. I charged the crystals with Reiki with the intention to clear, which is what selenite does. I laid with the stones on me several times throughout that weekend and ran Reiki as I was in the stones. And guess what… by Monday my smell was back.

Since then I have also been listening and sharing an amazing sound healing that counters the structure of the spike protein of the pathogen of COVID-19.

I will say I moved the symptoms right out pretty quickly but was left with a stuffy nose for a few days followed by loss of smell and maybe loss of taste, which is what alerted me to Covid.

So… out came my essential oils. I set up Peppermint, eucalyptus, oregano and Kumqate to smell each day to open up the olfactory senses. The essential oils were all healing and helped to get through the blood barrier to heal the cells. 

I did notice that I actually had taste… I could tell sweet from sour or salty but it was lacking in smell to really decipher.

So my point is that there are so many ways you can work with your energy field… your chakras, your vibration… on a daily basis that can open you up to a greater perception of your life and your purpose… your heath and your wellness.

I’ll continue to to talk more about these RITES and ways in which you can use then in your everyday life. Energy Matters for physical health. Energy Matter for mental health. Energy Matters for emotional health and Energy Matter for spiritual health!

I am offering this  Energy Matters Meditation to help you with your health and wellness today.

This meditation will use some of the RITES we were talking about… Reiki, Intuition through visualization, EFT, and even some stone and crystal energy.

Meditation begins at 15:37.

I hope this offers you ways in which Energy Matters.

The best way to really understand Energy is to experience it.

I’ll be back next week with another topic because Energy Matters!

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Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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August 14, 2021


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