As this podcast goes to air, we are on the other side of a very intense full moon and a few very intense weeks.

The world is still waking up from Winter and not quite back into action.

New seeds are being planted… yet still some uncertainty about what will actually grow this year.

So much has changed in and around the world.

Where are you with this right now… are you excited to get back out? Are you little timid? These are definitely questions to ask right now.

You are the source of your Divine Light and the source of your creation. What does that mean for you?

The best way to answer these questions is to create a spiritual practice for yourself. Finding the time to sit and go within yourself… and connect with your spirit will help you understand where you are right now.

All of this I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week, which you can find live on Sunday night on Instagram and Facebook.

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In today’s episode I have back on the show Jackie Simek, a business coach and mindset healing expert.

Jackie was on the show in January of 2019 talking about mindset. I wanted to share her determination to step into her work and go after her mission. She shows us that doing the work… on the inside, using her tools, walking her talk and embodying her mission is what got her here.

We talk about mindset, going into the shadows, clearing up limiting beliefs, focusing on helping and serving, visionaries and being on a mission.

Jackie Simek is a business coach and mindset healing expert who helps coaches, creatives, light workers and mission driven entrepreneurs scale to six and multiple six figures through internal upgrades and practical strategy.

A recovering financial powerhouse, Jackie leverages her 15 year finance career, spiritual healing and EFT mastery to build a business that earned $300,000 in 12 months.

As a first generation American from political refugees, Jackie has done the inner work to overcome a scarcity-based mindset to consistently earn $20,000+ a month. She currently lives between NYC and Santa Barbara, California, balancing an urban and nomadic lifestyle, travelling several months of the year never too far from the ocean.

Jackie has led programs for The Wing, The New York Open Center and Spring Energy Event. Her work has been featured in Elle, HelloGiggles and Thrive Global.

Find Jackie on Instagram, Facebook, Website.

As Jackie figured out, using her mindset tools and embodying the energy she wanted led her to finding the success of her business. It took hours of tapping and leaning into her shadows to release the limiting beliefs and old energy so that she could bring her dreams forward.

As Jackie says, “Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest journeys for self development of the Spirit’s journey. Looking within yourself and the unique gifts that you want to put out there, believing it and allowing for that energy exchange, and then receiving that exchange, the money, isn’t even possible if you aren’t connected to your spirit.”

So lean in to your Spirit. 

What a great example of leaning in that Jackie has shared with us. Her determination, grit and walking her talk, going from 25k her first year to a strong 6 figure income this past year, it is possible.

With vision, with mission, with determination and embodying one’s Spirit.

Reach out to Jackie for her work. Her new program begins now.  Never too late to join.

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Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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April 3, 2021


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