As this podcast goes to air, we are moving into the new moon of Aries.  Ah… Aries… the spiritual warrior… guiding you forward on your path.

I love new moon… I know you can’t see that big ole reflecting ball of energy… but the energy is so much more inspiring to me. The full moon gets my emotions!

The Aries new moon is about being more decisive. Taking some risks. Trying new steps.

Time to clear your energy from winter with an Energy Clearing Session.

All of this I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week, which you can find live on Sunday night on Instagram and Facebook.

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In today’s episode I talk with Nicole Herman who is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with mindset behind her.

We talk about the inner bully, self image, appreciation of our beauty, it’s not just lipstick, enhancing our gifts with practical and empowering ways to uplift your mornings and nighttime routines. 

Nicole Herman is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in film, stage, print, TV, beauty, and bridal. Nicole’s diverse background and experience affords her the confidence to express her unique vision. She expertly layers and blends products to create a stunning, flawless look that never feels heavy or appears overdone. She has an eye for aesthetics and skillfully brings each person’s natural, inner beauty to the surface. Nicole is passionate about sharing her artistry and making you feel your best! Despite her extensive training, she is never intimidating but always approachable and sensitive to her clients’ needs. She will not only make you feel glamorous but also teach you how to recreate the look at home!

Website Instagram. Facebook. Contact Nicole – tell her you heard about her on The Empowered Spirit Show for your free consultation..

It is important to take those moments to fill your cup up with love and kindness and to appreciate your own beauty.

As we talked about, let go of the inner bully.

When you envy someone else’s gifts, you aren’t living your own.

Enhancing your own beauty, inner and outer, will bring more presence for how you show up for yourself and your work.

Your body and how you view it is so important on this journey.

It is your vessel. Cherish it.

Tell yourself you are infinitely beautiful!

Reach out to Nicole for her free offering.

And reach out to me for your Energy Clearing. (Virtual or in person.)

Don’t going walking around all spring wearing your winter energy. 😳

To your Spirit,


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April 10, 2021


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