We are in full swing of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde reenters Aquarius on Wednesday, March 4, and then we go through the shadow period from March 9 through Monday, March 30th, twisting and turning in one long time loop.

You may see delays, rescheduling, reversals and cancellations. Slowing down and having patience with yourself and others will go a long way to moving through this energy.

Review…redo…recycle and reflect….those are the key words.

All of this cosmic force energy I talk about on my Energy Focus for the week, which you can always catch live on Sunday nights or the replays on my website.

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In today’s episode, I am continuing this series on  Reiki, a Universal Life Force Energy.

My guest, Jennifer Askew Dunbar shares with us how Reiki began in her house, with herself and her children, and found its way into her kitchen, and how Reiki has guided her to the work she is now doing with her company, Harvest Moon.

Jennifer now helps people that are sick. She uses food as their Medicine, along with her Reiki Master training to tune them into their body for healing and mindfulness. 

Through her company, Harvest Moon, she is currently offering vegan, alkaline weekly meal delivery.  Her future goal and dream is to expand this program to include more of a pantry subscription service with cooked food, raw veggies from local Farmers, and herbs that support cellular health.

She offers consultations with Reiki, educational classes about food prep in person and soon online teachings with educational videos and recipe ebooks.

Sign up for her email to order at Harvestmoon.love .

She can be found on social media @harvestmoonvegan.

Having a daily spiritual practice can help you to stay on track and embrace changes in your life.

Having control of your vibration and your energy will help you to become aware of your connection with everyone and be in the flow of life.

As Jennifer said, “The more calm you are, the things around you will become calmer and calmer.”

As she began to notice, her life began to flow with Reiki. Her passion for Mother Earth and nourishing others began to unfold for her work.

Her motto, eat to live not live to eat, combined with Reiki guides her to help others.

Reiki is so much more than a body treatment! It is a way of living that offers peace and calm to your daily existence.

Experience it today!

To your Spirit!


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February 15, 2020


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