Confession #211

The Power of Vision… Am I really just making up?

In the early morning hours, not too long ago, I saw myself floating in energy surrounded by trees and light. I saw a path in the distance, a path I began to follow.

And then I woke up.

Over the next several days, I had downloads of information that soon led me to the next steps in my life, something I had been struggling with for a while.

It was all there, so many possibilities and a knowing that this path will open and I will direct my work this way, little by little.

Could it really be possible to download this kind of vision?  Is this really a part of me?

As an Empath, the sensitive soul that I am, I confess, I sometimes wonder if I am tapping into higher guidance, or just making it all up.

Do you ever have thoughts like this?

In the late ’90s, I  attended a conference with Brian Weiss, an American psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author who specializes in past life regression.  I remember standing up at the mic in front of a group of people and asking a similar question about soul work.  I asked him, “How do you know if you are just making it up when it comes to memories or visions of past lives?

He answered saying that even if you felt you were making it up if it’s in your realm of imagination, your consciousness, it is there.

With that knowledge in mind and being in the cosmic field of possibilities that are coming in through this portal of energy known as the Lion’s Gate, the Empowered Empath in me believes, it is possible to download messages from the higher self.

In order to strengthen this belief of knowing and letting go of doubt, I decided to take on one of my 21-day challenges.  These are spiritual containers of time where I set up possibilities to explore by going deeper and deeper into the energy and focusing my meditations on them.

The challenge was that each day during the opening of the Lion’s Gate, I would set up my mediations for entering the Lion’s Gate and then just see what happens.

There were some mornings that I couldn’t tell anything.

There were some mornings that through claircognizance I knew the information had been downloaded but couldn’t put words to it.

And then there were days where it all opened up and I could make notes, write down new ideas, and imprint the vibration.

Imprinting vibrations means holding the energy around your auric field.

To do this, you begin by opening the heart, connecting to the deepest part of your heart where you find the God Spot, that Spot that connects you to the higher Source, the Creator, God, however, you choose to look at that. You call in that energy and allow the frequencies of light to open up and you feel into this vibration, become familiar with it, and know it so that you can return to it even in the normal waking state.

As you create this connection, your intuition will begin to open with seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing the signs and clues guiding you to activate these significant shifts.

Notice the deep knowing that comes forward for you.

Want a little more information on The Lion’s Gate and how you can receive this amazing transmission of energy? Listen to this episode – The Lion’s Gate – Energy Transmission 2022 on the Empowered Spirit Show.

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August 6, 2022


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Confession… Am I just making this stuff up?



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